I have come to the end of my 3-month internship with Accountability Lab Nepal and it has been an amazing experience to be part of the team. When I first arrived in Nepal, I had no understanding of the culture, customs, language or etiquette, which had created a sense of detachment. By John Le


This feeling soon dissipated as I started interning with Accountability Lab. I was amazed at how kind and welcoming the Nepal team was in only the first few weeks of being acquainted.

I had notions of NGOs – especially ones focused on anti-corruption – having strict and serious working environments. But after a few weeks into this internship, my outlook towards such notions have completely changed. The Accountability Lab team in Nepal are fun, energetic, smart and kind people. When times are fun, they have a lot of fun, and when times call for work to be done, they spend countless hours completing the project at hand. I am in awe of everyone’s work ethic within the organization. They are all hardworking, passionate and driven individuals working together to create social change.

During my time spent at Accountability Lab, I worked on current and future projects. These included various tasks like editing documents, social media outreach, field trips and capacity-building workshops. The Nepal team were very willing to hand over work to me and had faith that I could accomplish the task at hand. I was truly motivated by this and thankful for all the opportunities that were presented to me.

I was also glad to have undertaken this internship during the festive season in Nepal. The Dashain Festival was the highlight of my festive experience and I had the opportunity to spend it with the Nepal team. We spent a whole day flying kites, eating lots of delicious foods, drinking, singing and dancing! This was one of the most memorable experiences that I’ve had in Nepal.

Interning for Accountability Lab Nepal has been an amazing experience. I have learnt a lot and am grateful to have worked with such amazing people. They are more than colleagues; they are family to me.