AL Zimbabwe was established in 2020 and will work with women, exemplary civil servants and youth to advance peaceful development, encourage citizen participation and inclusion, and develop more accountable institutions.

Integrity Icon: Integrity Icon is an annual campaign that begins in 2021 in Zimbabwe with the explicit goal of bringing Zimbabweans from every province into a positive conversation about integrity, ethics and accountability.

Civic Action Teams: Civic Action Teams (CivActs) create a space for collaborative evidenced-based dialogue between community members and those in positions of power in communities so that they may jointly address and solve community specific problems.

Accountability Incubator: Our incubators support young “accountapreneurs” (accountability entrepreneurs) who develop innovative, bottom-up ideas for accountability and anti-corruption. Accountapreneurs will receive mentorship and network-building, quarterly training, knowledge sharing, sustained communications, fundraising and advocacy support.

Voice2Rep: Voice to Represent (“Voice2Rep”) is a first-of-its-kind music competition searching for underground and undiscovered music artists who support greater representation, participation and accountability.