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Accountability Lab Pakistan works in several regions of the country and was the first country office to launch an Integrity Innovation Lab – an AL initiative that offers contextualized and impactful training programs for young civil servants.

Integrity Icon: We celebrated our fifth annual Integrity Icon Pakistan campaign at an Awards Ceremony and Integrity Summit in Islamabad, where we named and famed our five new winners. Congratulations to Amna Baig, ASP at Frontier Constabulary Lines in Islamabad; Daryan Khatoon, Principal of the Government Girls Lower Secondary school in Sukkur, Sindh; Mukhtar Paras, Director General of the Secretariat Training Institute in Islamabad; Tariq Javed, Deputy Commissioner in Qila Abdullah, Balochistan; and Azhar Ali, Chief Conservator of Forests in the Forest Department in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

SDG16 Innovation Challenge: A national competition to support young leaders to craft innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges related to SDG16. 

Civic Action Teams: Focused on challenges in the solid waste and sanitation sector.

Accountability Incubator: The 2020 cohort is investigating ideas for open government and participation.

Women’s Film Fellowship: Training young filmmakers in aspects of impact storytelling. Meet our filmmakers on our channel.

Daryan Khatoon and Amna Baig are two of our Integrity Icons from 2020. The stories of these women will reach young girls all over #Pakistan and inspire a generation of empowered women for the future.

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We would like to congratulate all our Integrity Icons on their victory today. It is an honour to be among such commendable individuals and we hope the youth uses your example as their benchmark for success and Integrity! 
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"The Integrity Icons are five shiny beacons for what a civil servant should be like."
Andreas Wutz, First Secretary to the Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany to Pakistan.
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Accountability Lab’s Civic Action Teams (CivActs) is a pioneering community voice and feedback process to close the loop on citizen challenges related to everything from migration and natural resource management, [...]