Founder & Executive Director

In 2006, Blair found himself on the hot, dusty plains of southern Nepal, talking to young Nepalis about their lives. They explained why a lack of integrity was at the heart of all of their daily challenges- from lack of education and jobs to corruption- and that they did not have the tools to fix these problems. As Blair spent time working with the World Bank and other civil society organizations listening to young people all around the world, the same themes emerged over and over again: young people collectively want to build accountability in their communities and change their societies- and have great ideas to do so. But they need long-term, creative and flexible support to do it. Blair set up the Accountability Lab to fill this gap. Blair leads the Lab’s strategy, outreach and development globally and spends as much time as he can in Liberia, Nepal and Pakistan. Blair is an Echoing Green Fellow and also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Anti-Corruption.

Hometown: London, UK

When I’m not at work I’m: trying to spend as much time as possible with my new niece.

Ask me about:  going to the Winter Olympics with the Ski Team of Ghana.

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Global Director of Operations & Growth

Ten years ago Jean was selected to participate in a South African youth peace and conflict program which set her on a path to promote ways to support young people to actively participate in the attainment of good governance in their countries. Although originally South Africa focussed Jean realized, while working in 15 African countries to secure the ratification of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance, that governance challenges were essentially universal and that social accountability is key to achieving social and economic liberation. Jean has worked as a public affairs and democratic governance specialist in the United States, the United Kingdom and Southern Africa for Rotary, the UK Foreign Office, the Westminster Foundation and Voluntary Services Overseas. She has a masters degree in conflict resolution in divided societies from Kings College in London as a British Chevening scholar and a bachelor’s in law and international relations from the University of Cape Town. She also served as a sub-Saharan analyst for the Freedom House Freedom in the World index.

Hometown: Paarl, South Africa

When I’m not at work I’m:  binge watching British murder mysteries

Ask me about:  the three facts that make Paarl famous!

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Global Director of Learning

Cheri-Leigh has a spent a decade in the higher education and nonprofit management arenas. She graduated from Stellenbosch University in South Africa with a BA in International Studies and started her career in the institution’s Student Affairs Division, followed by the its International Office. Her keen interest in education and experiential learning led to a position as a Guest English Teacher in Daegu, South Korea. Since moving to the Washington, D.C. area in 2013 she has been actively involved in numerous nonprofit organizations focused on education, immigration and leadership development. She has conceptualized and implemented leadership and skills development curricula for emerging leaders geared for careers in both the private and public sectors. In her spare time she serves as one of two coordinators leading the D.C. Chapter of African Ladies Who Brunch, an initiative that connects professional women who form part of the African Diaspora.

Hometown: Robertson, South Africa

When I’m not at work: I’m creating or upcycling something.

Ask me about: Binge-worthy podcasts!

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Global Program Officer

Doussouba est titulaire d’un Master en études internationales de l’Université de Montréal et d’un baccalauréat en sciences politiques de l’Université de Sherbrooke (Canada). Elle a travaillé pour plusieurs organisations internationales, telles que Save the Children, l’UNICEF et The We Movement (anciennement Free the Children). Passionnée des droits des enfants, elle a donné plus de 30 conférences et animé plus de 40 ateliers dans les écoles canadiennes sur l’action sociale, le leadership et l’estime de soi, encourageant les jeunes à être des acteurs du changement. Après avoir travaillé et étudié pendant de nombreuses années en France et au Canada, Doussouba a décidé de rentrer au Mali afin de se rapprocher de sa famille et de contribuer au développement de son pays en rejoignant Accountability Lab Mali pour diriger les activités de suivi et d’évaluation au Mali et au Niger.

Ville Natale : St. Julien-en-Genevois, France

Quand je ne suis pas au travail : je passe du temps avec ma famille, je lis, je voyage et je danse.

Parlons de : la nature, mes voyages à travers l’Afrique et mon projet de gestion des déchets solides.

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Finance Manager

Fisner Antoine has over 12 years of experience in finance and accounting working for international development organizations in the United States. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Accounting from the City University of New York at Brooklyn College and a Certificate in Public Financial Management. He worked as Staff Accounting for research Foundation of the City University of New York. Fisner has also been the Vice Chair for the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY Research Foundation Chapter where he negotiated, administered and enforced collective bargaining agreements; protecting the rights of RF-CUNY staff through the grievance and arbitration process.

After years working in the US, he took on the challenge to bring his experience to his homeland Haiti. Back in Haiti, Fisner worked in Port-au-Prince in different capacities with various organizations as Grants Manager, and Finance Manager. He also worked independently as a consultant providing capacity building to small local organizations in the areas of financial management, and Grant Management. Before returning to the US, Fisner worked as Financial Analyst with USAID Mission in Haiti providing financial management technical support/assistance to recipients and the host country government.

Hometown: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

When I’m not at work I’m: Visiting museums, exploring the best food in the city.

Ask me about: The best place to visit and have fun in Haiti.

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Communications Coordinator

Kibo is a Motswana-Tanzanian writer and communications specialist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kibo has ten years of experience writing and editing professionally, and his work has been published on platforms in Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. His journalism career has afforded him the opportunity to write on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, current affairs, lifestyle, the arts, travel, motoring, and technology. However, he has always had a keen interest in social justice and community development that he hadn’t previously been able to develop and explore to a significant degree. Kibo’s hope is that he can use his skills and knowledge to contribute to the Accountability Lab’s vision of building a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders around
the world.

Hometown: Gaborone, Botswana

When I’m not at work: Reading, writing, attending art exhibitions or stage plays, watching series, or attending classes at New Acropolis School of Philosophy

Ask me about: Mark Manson, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Rachel Kaadzi-Ghansah, Robert Greene, and David Foster Wallace – my favorite writers

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Programmes & Operations Coordinator

Interested in the intersection of political science and cultural anthropology, Katie focuses on international development and security—both of which require governments to be accountable to their people in order to successfully meet
development and security goals. Previous to her current position with the Accountability Lab, Katie facilitated the participation of international security leaders and experts from democracies around the world at the 2018 Halifax International Security Forum. Before the Forum, she worked on behalf of Global Development Incubator on the development and expansion of a West African capacity-building and youth leadership program, Emerging Public Leaders. This program, which recruits and places promising young graduates in high-impact civil servant positions to
accelerate development and create change within their governments, fostered Katie’s early interest in international development, accountability, and sub-Saharan Africa. Katie graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College, where she studied government and cultural anthropology, was a War and Peace Fellow, and played Division 1 soccer and rugby. Katie currently sits on the Global Fund for Children’s Youth Leadership Council, where she serves as an advisor and advances the needs/raises the voices of youth.

Hometown: Eden Prairie, Minnesota

When I’m not at work: Visiting museums, reading novels, or looking for my next

Ask me about: My various athletic injuries and the accompanying stories

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Programs and Learning Manager

Jaco completed an Honours’ Degree (International Relations) at the University of Pretoria in 2005.  He started working at a Democratic think-tank (Idasa) in 2006, forever shaping the way in which he sees active citizenship, participation and change-making.  Idasa gave him the opportunity to immerse himself in the narratives and examples from the South African journey to democracy, including the many challenges and conflicts that emerged during this journey.  He also had the opportunity to re-package this narrative in a way that people from other countries could track their own journeys.  Since 2008 Jaco has been involved with the Kettering Foundation, where he was a fellow in 2011 and a support facilitator for the Foundation’s global Deliberative Democracy Institute since 2015.  Jaco started working as an independent consultant in 2016, where he started working with Accountability Lab in 2018.   Jaco continues to think about how we can draw citizens into co-creative spaces where they discover their own agency to drive change.   For Jaco, it is not about prescribing to people when it comes to bringing positive change to their spaces, but rather collecting and sharing stories that allow for people to re-think and re-strategise.  In this way, we build on what works.  Jaco has a deep passion for facilitation, and he is always thinking of new ways to get people from different backgrounds to collaborate and learn.   Jaco holds a Master’s Degree (With Distinction) in Public and Development Management from the University of the Witwatersrand.  He currently lives in the sleepy sea-side town of Knysna, South Africa.

Hometown: Reitz, South Africa but Jaco found his voice in the noisy streets of Johannesburg

When I’m not at work I’m:  Running around with my camera taking photos.  Photography gives me a creative outlet, while it also allows me to map and explore any new space that I find myself in.

Ask me About: Weird weather phenomena and why the Freestate Province in South Africa should be on your travel list!

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Programs and Learning Manager

After completing her undergraduate degree in International Relations and Economics from the US, Sanjeeta moved back to her home country, Nepal, in 2008. While in the US she worked for a non-profit organization in Boston, supporting women entrepreneurs. 

Back in Nepal, Sanjeeta was keen to travel and see rural parts of the country. This led her to work in different capacities with various organizations. She volunteered to teach children from marginalized communities in Eastern Nepal. Later she worked with international development partners as well as the Government of Nepal for the Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme. She also worked independently as a consultant for the Livelihoods and Forestry Programme and Imagine Nepal. 

Before moving back to the US in 2019, Sanjeeta led economic and commercial diplomacy work at the British Embassy in Kathmandu for six years. Sanjeeta has completed her graduate studies in Development and Governance from University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany) under the German government’s DAAD scholarship program. 

Besides her professional interests, Sanjeeta is passionate about dogs and used to volunteer at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Center (KAT) and Bhaktapur Animal Welfare Society (BAWS) in Nepal. She currently serves as the Combined Federal Campaign Coordinator for Partnership for Animal Welfare- a volunteer led animal charity based in Maryland, US.

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

When I’m not at work I’m: Cooking delicious Nepali food or looking for a sunny spot to lie down to read Calvin and Hobbes.

Ask me About: Anything that does not deal with numbers!

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Global Director of Communications

As a rookie reporter, Sheena worked with some passionate news hounds and photographers who helped hone a real love for stories that defined times and changed lives. She’s worked for major national newspapers, websites and magazines, building up experience in publishing, research and multi-channel storytelling. She’s interviewed presidents (including former South African President Nelson Mandela as a career highlight!) as a parliamentary journalist, and also a wide
spectrum of African entrepreneurs as group editor-in-chief of a Johannesburg-based magazine publishing house. Gender equity, development and entrepreneurship have been particular areas of interest. In her current role at Accountability Lab, she’s invested in development communications that have a defined and useful social purpose. In her spare time, she participates in a local leadership academy that mentors university students.

Hometown: Durban

When I’m not at work I’m: Mom to two fast-talking tweens.

Ask me About: The Camissa people

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Country Director

In 2001, during Liberia’s civil war, Lawrence moved to Ghana, where he studied Human Resources and Finance. He began advocating for youth inclusion, peace, and integrity in the Buduburam Refugee Camp. He volunteered for a number of organizations across Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Benin, and Nigeria—and returned to Liberia in 2013. Since then he has been supporting entrepreneurs through the University of Liberia’s Business Start-Up Center. He is a passionate advocate and practitioner of social change, which soon led him to the Accountability Lab. His role at the Lab involves program management, support to “accountapreneurs”, outreach and network building. In 2015, Lawrence was an Atlas Corps Fellow at the Accountability Lab’s headquarters in Washington DC and a Rhize Catalyst Fellow.

Hometown: Monrovia, Liberia

When I’m not at work I’m: playing chess, giving motivational talks, playing soccer, singing, and critical thinking.

Ask me about: Manchester United

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Finance and Operations Manager

Allanko holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Liberia. Before joining the team, he worked in the private sector with international shipping lines as Project Manager and Invoicing and Documentation Manager, where he gathered a vast knowledge on budgeting, financial controls, accountability, and reporting. Later, he gained employment with international non-governmental organisations, where he increased his knowledge in donor grants, paid services financial management, and administration. In 2016, he joined the Accountability Lab
team through the iCampus LAVI USAID project. Allanko is passionate about ensuring professionalism, accountability, and compliance through his oversight of the Lab’s finances and operations.

Hometown: Bloquelleh, Liberia

When I’m not at work I’m: At home with the family, singing, and playing the piano

Ask me about: Acapella music

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Programs and Learning Director

Nyema Richards is a passionate social development worker who enjoys working with communities and individuals on their awareness of their development needs and rights, including helping people to find their passion for self-development. Nyema’s work in program management has been focused on youth and livelihood, income generation and enterprise development, gender equity and diversity, and child protection. He sees the Lab as an opportunity to learn about core areas of work as well as to share his knowledge and experience in programming. Through his work at the Lab, Nyema has the opportunity to work with other civil society organizations, action groups, and private and public sector actors to address the singular issue that most affects Liberia: corruption. Nyema hopes that his work and experiences will help support national efforts of all stakeholders to address issues of Liberia’s leadership, governance, and sustainable development practices. He is hopeful that comprehensive stakeholder engagement will provide a platform for understanding how we engage and enlist youth and women in building a culture of openness in governance, development, and justice for all.

Hometown: Pleebo City, Maryland County

When I’m not at work I’m: At home helping my children (two boys and a girl) with their homework, volunteering at a youth training center, or attending church

Ask me about: Personal development and integrity

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Finance Manager

Yassah received a Bachelor’s degree in Management, with a minor in Accounting, from the African Methodist Episcopal University in Liberia. She worked for several international non-governmental organizations in relief and development programs–acquiring knowledge of various forms of financial management. She is passionate about building a new generation of active, responsible, accountable citizens, because of the challenges she’s had to face since her public schools days and complex issues she sees her country facing. So when she learned about Accountability Lab, she was excited for the opportunity work full-time for the Lab and give her best not only in the area of finance, but in every way she can to contribute towards this important cause.

Hometown: Fofana Town, Lofa County, Liberia

When I’m not at work I’m: with my family

Ask me about: my experience in school

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Integrity Icon Coordinator

Famata is passionate about volunteerism, and wanting to make a positive change in society. She joined Accountability Lab in 2016 as volunteer and co- lead the Integrity Idol campaign to name and frame, by highlighting honest civil servants to increase transparency and accountability leading to good governance.  Prior to Accountability Lab, Famata served as the National Volunteer on the National Youth service program (Ministry of Youth & sports) creating awareness, teaching preventive techniques to break the chain of Ebola virus transmission, and as an Instructor at the public school in Klay District Bomi county. She also served as an International Alert Conflict Assessment Enumerator and participated in the data analysis, USAID Food and Enterprise Development (FED) Program for Liberia (Enumerator Barrier Analysis Study), Research Assistant (WAGENINGE University Peace Park for Liberia and Sierra Lone ), Registration Staff (Business & Finance Office, University of Liberia) and as a Presiding Officer National Elections Commission Liberia. At the Lab she works on the young citizen journalism project, Integrity Icon and is currently leading procurement services as a Project Assistant (Procurement services).

Home town: Lofa county

When I am not at work I am: Home caring for my children and spend quality time attending church activities (choir practices)

Ask Me about: Integrity Idol

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Community Justice Teams Manager

John Kamma joined the Liberia National Police (LNP) Training Academy in 2004, and became a Senior recruitment officer under the supervision of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) with certification for meeting the target of new recruit candidates in the LNP since 2006. He then embarked upon the formulation of the Citizens Bureau for Development and Productivity (CBDP) a nongovernmental organization (NGO) accredited by the government of Liberia (GOL).  Following that, John was requested by the LNP to join the formulation of Early Warning Early Response Working Group, (EWER-WG) which comprised the conglomeration of Civil Society organizations (CSOs), UN agencies, government institutions, and the Inter-religious council of Liberia working together for the early detection of violent conflict and to mitigate same. While with this group, John met Blair Glencorse, and saw the lack of affordability,
accessibility and timeliness of the formal justice system from the standpoint of the ordinary Liberians as an accountability issue and so developed an informal alternative dispute resolution system with the goal to bring conflicting parties together in low income communities to resolve conflict in a fair and transparent manner. Citizens Bureau is partnering with the Accountability Lab to increase Community access to justice in the absence of UNMIL.

Hometown: Grand Bassa County

When I’m not at work I’m: At home

Ask me About: My responsibilities at the Lab

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Communications Intern

Parnneh Mallobe is a reporting fellow with New Narratives Liberia. She obtained a Diploma in Journalism from the Peter Quaqua School of Journalism. Currently, she is a student at the University of Liberia studying Sociology and Public Administration.

She has five (5) years of experience working as an emerging professional journalist reporting on issues affecting women and girls, judicial accountability and reforms within the legal framework of the extractive industry as well as the large-scale environmental pollution engulfing cities in Liberia. 

She is an alumna of the Young Political Leadership School Africa – YPLS, earning a certificate in policy advocacy, governance and leadership. Also, she is alumna of  the Young African Leaders Initiative, YALI. She has volunteered for community based-organizations including a Kids Education  Engagement Project (KEEP), Girls for Literacy Liberia and European Union Mission in Liberia.

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Country Director

Moussa est un journaliste passionné par le développement communautaire destiné à soutenir les jeunes au Mali. Diplômé de l’Université de Bamako, il a fondé l’hebdomadaire imprimé L’Express de Bamako. Il est ensuite devenu président de Giving Back Mali, une organisation locale à but non lucratif, qui éduque les jeunes en matière de leadership et encourage l’utilisation des énergies renouvelables au Mali. En 2015, il a été sélectionné parmi les 500 meilleurs jeunes dirigeants africains pour participer à la bourse Mandela Washington. Il a passé six mois à aider à gérer des projets chez Accountability Lab Liberia. Il a constaté un grand besoin d’efforts similaires en matière de responsabilisation, via des initiatives créatives et dirigées par des jeunes Maliens. Moussa contribue aujourd’hui à implanter Accountability Lab au Mali, en lançant Integrity Icon Mali.

Ville Natale : Mopti, Mali

Quand je ne suis pas au travail : j’écris des articles pour des journaux, je joue au basketball et je donne des discours de motivation.

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Director of Operations

Lorsqu’il était jeune, Bouaré a suivi son père enseignant, et a ainsi vécu dans l’ensemble du pays. Il a suivi une formation de haut niveau de l’Institut des enseignants de Sévaré et a également obtenu une licence de tourisme de l’Institute de Gestion (IUG) de l’Université de Bamako. En plus de travailler comme agent de voyages, il a été très actif dans la gestion d’organisations locales à but non lucratif. Il est président de l’organisation de basketball de Daoudaoubougou, qui vise à aider et à éduquer les jeunes de la communauté. Il est également un membre actif de l’Association de la ville de Bla, un éducateur pair avec l’ONG DONKO, un membre du réseau national d’éducateurs pairs au Mali (Groupe Pivot Santé Population), un entraîneur sportif avec l’ONG Right to Play et membre de la Commission nationale de la jeunesse du Mali. Il est passionné par le développement humain, en particulier pour les jeunes au Mali, et est enthousiaste à l’idée d’aider le Accountability Lab Mali à se développer.

Ville Natale : Yélimané, Région de Kayes, Mali

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Finance Associate

Aminata est allée à l’école primaire à Gao, dans le nord du Mali, avant de s’installer à Bamako en 2011, où elle a obtenu son baccalauréat en sciences biologiques (SBT) à l’école secondaire Ibrahima Ly. Après son baccalauréat, elle a été admise à l’Institut de gestion (IUG) de l’Université de Bamako où elle a obtenu son diplôme en comptabilité et
finance. Aminata a rejoint l’incroyable équipe du Accountability Lab Mali en 2016. Animée par la passion de servir son pays et de participer pleinement à son développement, elle prospère maintenant en tant que membre d’associations telles que le Réseau national pour le développement des filles et des femmes du Mali (RENADJEF-Mali) et Women Techmakers Bamako (une communauté de filles passionnées par les TIC). Elle cherche à aider au mieux sa communauté à promouvoir les droits des femmes et des filles et le développement communautaire par le biais de projets à la fois
innovants et durables. Optimiste de nature, elle se passionne pour la créativité et l’innovation au quotidien.

Ville Natale : Sevare, Région de Mopti, Mali

Quand je ne suis au travail : je suis avec ma mère pour l’aider avec son commerce.

Parlons de : l’ensemble des taches liées à la gestion financière et comptable d’une

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Project Manager – Link and Learning

Né à Niamey au Niger et grandit au Mali, Abdoul Salam Made Toure a eu une enfance mouvementée par la perte d’un père qui l’amène à Bamako et à Tombouctou. Après ses études de sociologie, il s’engage très tôt dans le bénévolat pour la cause humanitaire auprès de l’Association Malienne des Expulsés AME pour la prise en charge psychologique, la réinsertion socio-économique des migrants ainsi que leurs droits.  Comme agent de Développement Communautaire, il silionne le pays à travers des ONG internationales pour l’assistance des communautés à la base. Notamment les réfugiés, les déplacés internes et les populations autochtones. Spécialement sur la résilience communautaire, l’autonomisation et plus récemment sur l’employabilité et assistance des jeunes à travers l’auto-emploi dans la région de Tombouctou. L’exécution d’un tel programme en faveur des jeunes lui permet de réaliser que le manque d’opportunités, le chômage et l’enrôlement des jeunes par les groupes armées radicaux est une conséquence directe de la mauvaise gouvernance.   Une suite logique d’une vie associative bien remplie à travers d’associations de jeunes citoyens engagés pour le développement économique du Mali. Motivé qu’un monde meilleur est possible, le Lab apparaît comme étant la place parfaite pour faire partie des des changemakers.   Actuellement Project Manager Lien et Apprentissage-Voice chez Accountability-Lab Mali.

Ville natale : Niamey, Niger

Quand je ne travaille pas : je fais du sport

Interrogez-moi sur : Manchester United

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Administrative Associate

Après les études primaires et secondaires, elle s’est inscrite au lycée Birgo de Bamako, où elle a étudié les sciences humaines (SH). Pour réaliser son rêve d’Assistante de Gestion Administrative elle est partie à l’Institut de Gestion (IUG) de l’Université de Bamako pour étudier la filière AG (Assistant de Gestion). En 2017, après le stage de fin d’étude, elle obtient sa licence professionnelle en AG, et intègre la magnifique équipe d’Accountability Lab Mali pour contribuer au développement et à l’avancement de son pays. Elle participe à des associations communautaires et apprécie également la lecture, les films, les séries télévisées et la musique.

Ville Natale : Bamako, Mali

Quand je ne suis pas au travail : je suis avec ma famille.

Parlons de : la gestion administrative.

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Diplômé de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure et titulaire d’une maîtrise de la Faculté des Lettres, Langues et Sciences du Langage, Tiémoko a effectué des stages pratiques dans des établissements d’enseignement et a travaillé comme assistant logistique, interprète, traducteur, photographe et designer graphique. Désireux d’apporter un changement positif à sa communauté et passionné de multimédia, il a entrepris des campagnes de sensibilisation sur divers enjeux par le biais de vidéos et de créations graphiques. C’est au cours de ses études universitaires qu’il découvre sa passion pour l’infographie. Partant de zéro, il a été contraint de s’auto-former malgré des difficultés financières. Avec courage et détermination, il a non seulement obtenu son master en anglais unilingue en 2012, mais a également acquis des compétences pratiques dans l’édition de logiciels tels qu’Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro et Cubase. En plus de ses compétences multimédia, Tiémoko a également travaillé pendant deux ans comme traducteur pour le Département d’Histoire de l’Université du Michigan sur le projet “Archive of Malian Photography”. De plus, entre 2015 et 2017, il a coordonné avec succès le programme d’échanges culturels et éducatifs entre les étudiants de l’Université de Virginie et les membres de l’English Practice Club (EPC) en partenariat avec le Conseil National des clubs d’anglais du Mali. Aujourd’hui, il croit fermement à la vision et aux missions de Accountabilitylab, car c’est pour lui un moyen de contribuer au développement efficace de son pays.

Ville natale : Bamako, Mali

Lorsqu’il n’est pas au travail : il passe son temps avec sa famille et surfe sur Internet pour accroître sa créativité.
Interrogez-moi sur: Design, la création, les vidéos, les poissons…j’adore en manger!

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Accounting & Finance Manager

De Formation Expert-comptable, DEMBELE Cheick Oumar est diplômé de comptabilité et de finance de l’Institut National des Techniques Economique et Comptable du CNAM de Paris et Expert Judiciaire Agrée auprès des Tribunaux au Mali. Il est responsable de la gestion Financière et Comptable de Accountability Lab Mali. Il dispose de plus de dix-huit année d’expérience dans le domaine de la gestion financière, du conseil en gestion, organisation, renforcement de capacités et de l’audit des projets de développement et autres entreprises industrielles et commerciales, banques, institutions de micro finances et assurances. Cheick a été consultant international chargé de l’audit interne, auprès de plusieurs ONG international comme PSI (spécialisé dans le marketing social), etc. Par ailleurs, il est formateur en technique de gestion des entreprises dans plusieurs établissements d’enseignement supérieur au Mali et à l’Ecole Militaire d’Administration de Koulikoro. Il a une parfaite maîtrise des procédures de la Banque Mondiale, du Fonds Mondial, USAID, BAD, PNUD, Coopération Allemande, Union Européenne, DANIDA, etc. Par ailleurs, il est Secrétaire Générale de l’association « Action pour la Conscience Citoyenne – ACC », organisation citoyenne et organisateur du débat inter universitaire « Profil du Citoyen » et de la Coupe Panafricaine des Débats – COPAD.

Ville : Bamako, Mali.

Quand je ne suis pas au travail : je suis avec ma famille ou avec mes amis ou je m’occupe de mes animaux (tortue, pisciculture, mouton et chèvre).

Parlons de : comptabilité, de finance et d’opérations dans les ONG.

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Civic Action Teams Officer

Maintenant responsable du programme Citizen Helpdesks, Dramane a d’abord été volontaire pour le sondage inaugural de Citizen Helpdesks dans la région de Ségou. Formé à l’Agence malienne pour la sécurité privée, Dramane est informaticien depuis 2007. Il est spécialisé dans la sécurité des personnes et de leurs biens et dans la recherche d’informations. Il forme de jeunes volontaires en informatique et des agents de sécurité privés à la sécurité. Il est membre fondateur de plusieurs associations de développement, notamment l’Association des jeunes pour la promotion de l’informatique au Mali (AJPIM), l’Association des jeunes pour le développement et le progrès de Kalaban-coro (AJDPK), l’Association pour la santé et le Défense des droits de l’homme (ASDH) et Réseau d’élèves et d’étudiants en études sur le genre et le VIH / sida (REEGV). Il a également été membre du conseil d’administration ainsi que coordinateur de programme pour REEGV. Depuis le lycée, il participe activement à la lutte contre le VIH / sida par le biais des clubs scolaires et universitaires anti-sida du Mali. En tant que jeune impliqué dans le développement communautaire, il est secrétaire du comité de gestion de la ‘Community Health Association’ de son district, Kalaban-coro Adekene. Il est également secrétaire de la société civile du comité de gestion des écoles de l’école de Kalaban-coro Adekene. Dramane a également effectué un stage en tant que journaliste pour MM Communication, éditeur de l’hebdomadaire l’Express de Bamako.

Ville Natale : Sarro, Région de Ségou, Mali

Quand je ne suis pas au travail : je suis en famille ou en train de donner une formation en information ou en sécurité privée.

Parlons de : sécurité privée, gestion des conflits, VIH / SIDA

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Integrity Icon Officer

Faguimba est responsable de Integrity Icon Mali. Il est avocat de formation, observateur électoral de l’Union africaine et dirigeant d’association. Il croit que sans intégrité, nous ne pouvons pas parler d’un monde civilisé.

Ville Natale : Mopti, Mali

Quand je ne suis pas au travail : je suis en famille, entre amis, ou en train de lire.

Parlons de : la corruption et la justice au Mali

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Country Director

Eva specializes in creating content strategies for multiple distribution channels and focuses on audience development by leveraging opportunities from the social economy. She holds more than 20 years experience designing, executing, and measuring communication strategies for world-class companies, institutions, governments, and NGOs, both in Mexico and abroad. She has work with C-level executives and public officials and their teams. She has also been recognized as a business journalist and as one of the top regional consultants and advisors in her field. She is now committed to empower creators and makers from the creative industries and to launch Accountability Lab in Mexico as well as, a insurtech startup that seeks to bring affordable coverage to Millenials and Genz in an easy, transparent, and 100% digital way.

When I’m not at work: Cooking, taking care of my pets and house plants, at a concert hanging out with friends

Ask me about: Creative Industries

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Accounting & Finance Manager

Gustavo está altamente comprometido con el impulso de gobiernos más transparentes e inclusivos, especialmente para la población joven. Tiene una licenciatura en Negocios Internacionales de la Universidad de Sonora y una licenciatura en Derecho por el INESAP. Además, tiene estudios complementarios en administración pública y gobierno abierto por la Universidad de Harvard, la Universidad de Brown y la Escuela de Gobierno de la Organización de Estados Americanos. Actualmente dirige la Red Mexicana para el Servicio Público, un movimiento conducido por los valores y principios de jóvenes en el servicio público. Su trabajo busca contribuir al cumplimiento del Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible 16: Paz, Justicia e Instituciones Sólidas. Como parte de sus actividades, desarrolló la “Guía anticorrupción para el ciudadano”, una iniciativa que busca alentar a los ciudadanos ordinarios a unirse a la lucha contra la corrupción. Anteriormente, Gustavo colaboró ​​con la Misión Permanente de México ante las Naciones Unidas y con Fundación IDEA, uno de los primeros think tanks de políticas públicas en México. En abril de 2019, fue reconocido con el “Premio al Liderazgo Juvenil” en los Napolitan Victory Awards, celebrados por la Academia de Artes y Ciencias Políticas de Washington. Es miembro de la Comunidad Global Shapers del Foro Económico Mundial y de Generation Democracy del Instituto Republicano Internacional.

Pueblo natal: Guaymas, Sonora

Cuando no estoy en el trabajo: De voluntario, aprendiendo una nueva habilidad o explorando el mundo

Preguntame sobre: Participación juvenile, democracia y gobierno abierto

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Non-profit Management Fellow

I studied Political Science and Public Administration in Mexico City and, during that time, I was continuously researching and working on issues of environment, sustainability and NGOs, so I realized that one of the most important factors, which are needed in Mexico, regarding issues such as these, is that there is not enough accountability or transparency so that ordinary citizens can raise their concerns or their agendas and be heard by decision makers. And, since then, I decided that we had to work from the side of civil society to influence, with their agenda, public policies in Mexico. It is important to work in Mexico on these issues, since the majority of the political class or businessmen are increasingly seen worldwide and sincerely, they are not interested in being accountable because they feel above it. We have to work hard so that our agendas look beyond the traditional so that Mexico can change its ways of doing politics.

Hometown: Mexico City

When I’m not at work I’m: Watching a good movie (either on Netflix or at the cinema) , at my favorite yoga studio or reading a good book about politics or Henry VIII

Ask Me About: Political history, Medieval England, Sustainability, Environmental NGOs, human rights. Currently Im in the process of doing a Master’s in sociology with a research thesis on the type of speech in the US about Mexican immigrants.

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Country Director

Narayan studied forestry, but rejected a post as a Forest Ranger when he realized the corrupt nature of the Nepalese bureaucracy. Instead, he joined a youth movement and environmental group to teach rural communities how to use renewable energy for sustainable livelihoods, and worked as the Executive Director of Youth Initiative in Nepal. After ten years in the development sector, Narayan concluded that the key to development is accountability, and he helped set up and lead the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network (GYAC). His desire and commitment to encourage new ideas for building accountability led him to join the Accountability Lab, register it as a local Nepali organization, and work to expand it to other countries in the region. Narayan was recently honored as an Atlas Corps Think Tank (LINKS) Fellow in Washington DC. He is a graduate of Stanford Business School’s Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders and the International Anti-Corruption Academy, and one of Asia Society’s Asia 21 Young Leaders.

Hometown: Chitwan, Nepal

When I’m not at work I’m: getting my hands dirty in the garden with my son and wife

Ask me about: building a house out of earthbags, and tracking rumors around the Nepal earthquake

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Finance Manager

Sunil received a Master’s degree in Business Studies from Tribhuvan University in Nepal, and then worked as a Finance and Administrative Officer at a private insurance company for six years–conducting analysis on risk and return for non-life insurance. He then went on to pursue his dream of setting up a community-based agro enterprise, and worked as Chief Administrator of the Asian College of Advance Studies. He served on Accountability Lab Nepal’s Board of Directors, helping lay the foundation for the Lab’s work in Nepal. When the devastating earthquakes hit Nepal in 2015, he immediately knew he wanted to get more involved in philanthropic endeavors. He joined the Lab full-time at that point to contribute his time and skills by managing the Lab’s finance and compliance systems in Nepal.

Hometown: Siphal, Kathmandu

When I’m not at work I’m: playing with my little daughter or hiking with friends

Ask me about: organic vegetable farming

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Communications and Product Manager

Bikin has always been passionate about creating change. While freelancing as a web developer during his undergraduate studies, Bikin saw corruption, a lack of accountability, and unreliability in many organizations. He received a bachelor’s degree in Computing at Islington College in Kathmandu, and started working with the Mobile Citizen Helpdesk shortly after the 2015 earthquake as just another job. He soon got more involved with Accountability Lab and learned about building integrity within organizations and the government. Bikin now uses his skillset to help Accountability Lab with graphic design, website maintenance, and data visualization – hoping to attract more people to the Lab’s work while simultaneously getting experience working in an accountable environment. He also serves as the global designer for the Integrity Idol website and design consultant for much of the Lab’s work. He now views himself as not just a technical person, but a social change-maker.

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

When I’m not at work, I’m: reading novels or writing fiction

Ask me about: football and English literature

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Learning Manager

Growing up in Kathmandu with frequent visits to her parents’ home in rural Gulmi, a district in Western Nepal with scarce resources, Soni saw the sharp contrast in standard of living granted to citizens in urban versus rural settings. Motivated to allow equal access to basic services for all, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Mumbai and a Master’s Degree in Development Studies at the University of Sussex. Specializing in social science research and monitoring and evaluation, she has consulted for the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Nepal Earthquake Response Program, USAID Baliyo Ghar project, and worked with Social Science Baha, a renowned research institute in Nepal for more than two years on issues including labour migration, post-earthquake assessments, gender studies, and climate change. Recognizing that many of the developing world’s most pressing issues stem from a lack of accountability, she joins the Lab in Nepal keen on making a difference.

Hometown: Kathmandu.

When I am not at work, I am: Reading both fiction and non-fiction depending on the

Ask me about: Listening to and being friends with people of all age groups.

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Program Officer – Integrity Icon

Ashmita has been involved with various youth organizations in Nepal, including Youth Initiative, YUWA, People’s Climate March and Children Home Protection. She started volunteering with Accountability Lab in 2014 while pursuing her Bachelor’s in Social Work. She gradually came to understand and be concerned about the need for accountability within Nepali society. She now works as a Resident, leading the Integrity Icon program as well assisting with the Mobile Citizen Helpdesk teams. She is simultaneously pursuing a Master’s degree in Gender Studies from Tribhuvan University to explore new ways to promote accountability in gender and social inclusion issues in Nepal.

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

What I’m doing when I’m not at work: going to the movies, spending time with friends, and visiting new places

Ask me about: my love for dogs

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PM – Accountability Incubator

Suresh grew up living and observing the challenges faced by a rural community in one of the poorest countries in the world. During his undergraduate degree, he initiated a campaign to establish a library in an underprivileged local government school. He then pursued a Master’s degree in Conflict Peace and Development Studies from Tribhuvan University, aspiring to contribute to conflict resolution in Nepal. After working for several years, he learned about Accountability Lab, and was recruited as a volunteer during the initial phase of Lab’s work in Nepal. He also worked for one of the Lab’s accountapreneurs, GalliGalli, as a social media coordinator. By helping to organize panel discussions for the community, he was able to gain experience on the daily issues faced by the public. Suresh now works full-time for the Lab, leading the Accountability Incubator program. He is dedicated to building accountability in Nepal in order to improve the lives of struggling rural communities.

Hometown: Kailali, Nepal

When I’m not at work I’m: Reading Nepali literature, watching Hindi films or visiting relatives

Ask me about:  translating documents into Nepali

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Design & Product Associate

Aayush is passionate about helping his community. Since completing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Aayush has been committed to working on lack of accountability and reliability of governmental organizations. He has been involved in a number social acts, especially after the 2015 earthquake. Aayush has worked in numerous web development projects and has experience designing and developing web applications.

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

When I’m not at work I’m: Playing or listening to music, watching movies or traveling.

Ask me about: music, football, art

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Office Support Associate

Suman completed high school in India and then returned to his hometown in Nepal. However, financial challenges compelled Suman to travel to the United Arab Emirates as a migrant labor at a tender age. Unfortunately, the company that he worked for in  the UAE did not provide the level of salary and benefits stated in his job contract. Frustrated, Suman soon returned to Nepal and joined a marketing company in Kathmandu. Suman is now an important member of Accountability Lab Nepal team, assisting with banking, driving, and more. Modest and hardworking, he does an excellent managing logistics and providing a supporting hand to the rest of the team.

Hometown: Nuwakot, Nepal

What I am not at work I’m: Spending time with friends and watching movies

Ask me about: Driving safely in Kathmandu traffic

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Office Support Assistant

Sabi is a humble and strong-hearted person brought up in hilly regions of Nepal. Born to a poor family, she was denied education and had to struggle to live a normal life. Luckily, she realized the significance of education and has been working hard day and night in order to provide a proper education for her daughter. She now has a secretarial role at Accountability Lab Nepal. She supports the office by maintaining the office cleanliness, looking after office equipment, and even preparing healthy lunches for the whole team each day.

Hometown: Dolakha, Nepal

What I am not at work I’m: spending as much time as I can with my daughter

Ask me about: cooking a variety of dishes and caring for others

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Provincial Coordinator – Lumbini Province

Raju has vast experiences and knowledge in public policy and governance. He completed his Masters degree from the North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has worked in governance, youth leadership development, health and capacity building. He has been a student of governance and federal structure of Nepal ever since the federalization in Nepal. His interests in the sub-national government’s working and the especially the private sector’s involvement in government has led him to host and facilitate many trainings, workshops and dialogues in his province. He believes that with his academic knowledge in governance and public policy, and experiences in rural development, along with his personal motivation to convene public and private sectors for development, he can be an integral part for the lab to reach its goal of enabling sub-national environment for public private partnership in Nepal.

Hometown: Butwal, Nepal

When I’m not at work, I’m: Travelling in the wilderness

Ask me about: Public policy, governance and federalism

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Provincial Coordinator – Province 1

Being involved in various social initiatives and campaigns in eastern Nepal, Pratiksha has been interested in the development sector since her undergraduate studies and is pursuing her career in this sector as well. While working with many organizations that work for different social and development issues, she realized her interest in sub-national governance after the inception of federalism in Nepal. In the past, she had worked as an event organizer for community development center, and as a research associate for public policy think tank and has gained experience in conducting research, advocacy and conducting public-private dialogues. She joined the Accountability Lab team to become instrumental in promoting private sectors and integrate their voices into sub-national development to make it more citizen-centric.

Hometown: Biratnagar, Nepal

When I am not at work, I’m: Helping my kids with their assignments, reading articles and columns

Ask me about: Development and Governance in Province 1, Nepal

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Project Associate – CivActs

Preksha is a public health graduate. During the course of study and field visit she realized the need of health education and promotion as the lack of information among the general public to utilize available health services made her want to improve the situation in Nepal. She has worked with the district health office in meeting the health demands of the people where she realized that people are not just unaware about health education but their overall rights and the liability of government towards them. He has gained a lot of experience through volunteering in teaching, article writing, translating and research in the past and has been interested to help communities ever since she interned for the Accountability Lab back in 2018.

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

When I am not at work, I’m: I am at home watching talk shows or movies

Ask me about: What’s trending

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Country Director

Oumarou a consacré le début de sa carrière à la promotion de l’entrepreneuriat et au soutien des jeunes et des femmes par le biais de son travail avec les programmes d’entrepreneuriat pour les jeunes et les organisations à but non lucratif de développement des femmes. De 2011 à 2016, il a été membre du premier bureau du Conseil national de la jeunesse du Niger et a été élu Président régional de Dosso et Vice-président national. Pendant cette période, Oumarou a formé plus de 2 000 jeunes de tous les secteurs aux compétences entrepreneuriales. Après 2016, il a commencé à s’attaquer à l’extrémisme violent et à la radicalisation par la promotion de la paix et la communication non violente. Puis, Oumarou
s’est intéressé aux questions de responsabilité grâce à son travail de lutte contre la corruption et d’engagement des jeunes dans la gouvernance avec Transparency International. Il se dit très fier de sa contribution à la mise en œuvre du projet d’inclusion des jeunes et des femmes, qui a permis d’élargir les postes de décision à ces groupes marginalisés dans les régions de Dosso, Maradi et Niamey. En 2018, grâce à son implication intensive dans le développement de son pays, il a remporté le titre de citoyen modèle.

Ville natale : Niamey-Niger

Quand je ne suis pas au travail : Avec ma famille et mes amis

Parlons de : La bonne gouvernance, la lutte contre la corruption, la diversité et l’inclusion

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Project Manager, Linking & Learning

Apres l’obtention de son baccalauréat, Mahamadou a poursuivi ses études supérieures à l’Université de Constantine  (Algérie) en sciences de la Nature et de la Vie. Conscient des menaces auxquelles fait face son pays le Niger, il décide de se spécialiser en science environnementale et obtint son Master 2 en protection de l’environnement et changement climatique. Passionné par l’esprit de volontariat, de retour au Niger, il rejoint l’ONG Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement avec qui, il a travaillé pendant 3ans avec les jeunes et les femmes sur des projets communautaires de promotion de l’éducation environnementale et de sensibilisation sur les changements climatiques. Son leadership et son engagement au sein de sa communauté lui ont permis d’être retenu en 2016 pour la première cohorte du centre régional de leadership YALI Dakar dans le programme Civic Leadership et d’être lauréat de la deuxième promotion du Programme de Leadership au Sahel de l’initiative Oasis de l’université de Berkeley. En fin 2016, Mahamadou quitte Niamey pour l’ile de Sinder, une commune insulaire de Tillabéry situé à environ 200 km de Niamey en tant que chef de projet Eau, Hygiène et Assainissement avec WaterAid et DEMI-E. grâce aux activités de ce projet, il a aidé plus de 5000 familles à avoir accès à l’eau potable. Toujours avec cet esprit d’être au service de sa communauté et participer à la création d’un Niger meilleur et juste, il rejoint l’équipe Accountability Lab, en qualité de Project Manager, en mettant principalement en œuvre les activités du programme Voice qui vise principalement à aider les groupes discriminés à s’intégrer au mieux et se faire une place dans la communauté.

Ville Natale :  Niamey, Niger

Quand je ne suis pas au travail : Je suis en famille, avec mes amis, en train de faire du service communautaire ou écrire des articles sur mon blog

Parlons de : L’environnement et le Foot ball

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Finance Manager

Ayant toujours eu un intérêt particulier pour l’écosystème entrepreneurial et le développement communautaire, Samira est une jeune femme ambitieuse titulaire d’un ingéniorat en travaux des télécommunications et d’un master en réseaux et télécommunications. Elle a commencé sa carrière en travaillant chez un incubateur social où elle a travaillé avec beaucoup d’entrepreneurs sur les logiciels de gestion et la stratégie de communication digitale de leurs structures. Alumni du Young African leaders Initiative (YALI), alumni de ITEC India et membre de plusieurs réseaux de jeunes , elle participe volontairement à beaucoup d’activités sociales. Passionnée du numérique et de la gestion, elle fait partie des staffs du google Developers groupe (GDG Niamey) et women TechMakers de Niamey (WTM). Elle a développé des applications de grandes utilités publiques notamment « Media Trans » qui lui a permis de remporter le 2e prix du Hackthon spécial média de l’OIF et « mon milieu » application mobile finaliste du concours national E- TAKARA du Niger. Convaincu qu’il est du devoir de tout citoyen d’apporter sa contribution au développement de son pays, elle se retrouve dans les objectifs et missions d’AccountabilityLab qui répondent à ses valeurs.

Ville Natale : Tillabéry, Niger

Quand je ne suis pas au travail : je passe du temps avec ma famille, je fais du bénévolat, je voyage, je développe des applications

Parlons de : innovation technologique, environnement, lutte contre la corruption

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Country Director

Odeh is deeply passionate about human development and social impact. He studied Mathematics at the University of Abuja; is a professional member of the Institute of Information Management; and is currently pursuing a Masters in Science in Psychology at the University of South Wales. He has a deep interest and passion to serve humanity while contributing to social development on issues from child protection to gender equality to HIV/ AIDS. Odeh has seen first-hand the importance of accountability as a critical driver of progress, and is now building a movement for young people in Nigeria through the Accountability Lab. Odeh has been a mentor with the WEF Abuja Global Shapers, volunteered with United Nations Youth Association of Nigeria, and worked with Association of Positive Youth living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (APYIN) and Save the Children. In his spare time, he plays basketball, watches current thriller movies, and enjoys listening to music and scoring the bass line of songs.

Hometown: Oju, Benue State – Nigeria

When I’m not at work: Playing Basketball, networking and creating opportunities

Ask me about: Discipline, Commitment, and Dedication

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Finance Officer

Grace is a Chartered Accountant with over nine years of experience managing finances of companies and international organizations. She holds a M.Sc. and B.Sc. Accounting degrees from the University of Nigeria and Enugu State University of Science and Technology, respectively. She was trained by Onyefulu Eddymic and Co., and started her career as an Account Supervisor/Revenue Controller for Protea Hotels. She has also held positions as Regional Finance Officer with the Center for Clinical Care and Research Nigeria, an implementing partner for the Center for Disease Control US PEPFAR HIV project in the South East Region of Nigeria; and worked briefly with Maryland Global Initiative Corporation (MGIC) on the Nigeria AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey (NAIIS), a project of University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA. She is an advocate of public interest accounting for SMEs in Nigeria as a pathway for economic development.

Hometown: Enugu, Nigeria

When I am not at work: I am at home, relaxing and researching.

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Communications Assistant

In 2013, Obinna graduated a top-five student from the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences at the University of Nigeria where he also honed his writing skills and artistic sensibilities. He had been elected president of the Kings College Old Boys’ Association in his final year and had won laurels for his faculty in track and field. In addition to his clinical work he has served as an Assistant to the Consular General of the High Commission of India in Abuja and has gained valuable experience as an Independent Monitor for the WHO and a Polling Officer for the INEC. He is currently a support staff in the communications department where he expresses his creative freedoms as an author and graphic designer.

Hometown: Owerri, Imo state.

When I’m not at work: I’m making music or working on my next book.

Ask me about: Classic movies or novels to recommend.

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