Accountability Lab Pakistan works in several regions of the country and was the first country office to launch an Integrity Innovation Lab – an AL initiative that offers contextualized and impactful training programs for young civil servants.

Integrity Icon: We celebrated our five new Integrity Icons at an awards ceremony in Islamabad in later 2019. The Icons are Rizwan Akram Sherwani., Zahid Ali Khan Khattak, Rohana Kakar, Imran Zia and Umar Tufail, who work across the sectors of healthcare, compliance and law enforcement.

SDG16 Innovation Challenge: A national competition to support young leaders to craft innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges related to SDG16. 

Civic Action Teams: Focused on challenges in the solid waste and sanitation sector.

Accountability Incubator: The 2020 cohort is investigating ideas for open government and participation.

Women’s Film Fellowship: Training young filmmakers in aspects of impact storytelling. Meet our filmmakers on our channel.

Are public servants in your community joining the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic?

Nominate them for Integrity Icon Pakistan 2020 with this form: https://t.co/cG5dHbvi0l .

To download the nomination form in Urdu, please click here: https://t.co/GTIaLPwzHF https://t.co/tcNzBVhx3h

Nominations for Integrity Icon Pakistan 2020 are now open!

To nominate an honest government official, please fill out this form https://t.co/cG5dHbvi0l .

To download the nomination form in Urdu, please click here: https://t.co/GTIaLPwzHF

Nominations close on 31.8.2020 https://t.co/J78MKrijeW



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