Accountability Lab Nepal announces The Top 5 Finalists of Integrity Idol; the 4th National Campaign to identify and award Nepal’s most honest government officials.

Hundreds of young people in Nepal nominated public servants of their choices whom they believed to embody the values of integrity, transparency and accountability. Over thousand of nominations were received from which the top five candidates were selected by the panel of judges through a seven-phase selection process.

Talking about the program, the representative from the organizer, Narayan Adhikari shared, “Integrity Idol generates support for those civil servants who are loyal to their works and promote them to implement new ideas on accountability. Also, we want to make this common ground for the public and civil servant to know each other well.”

We present you the profile of The Top 5 Finalists of Integrity Idol.

Krishna DhitalAgriculture Extension Officer, Kavre

Dhital is credited with helping hundreds of farmers in Kavre district to dramatically boost their rice production and move away from subsistence farming.

 “I am a representative of the government.  As such I have a responsibility to change the public’s negative opinion of the government through the service I deliver.”


Sabanam PathakAssistant Forest Officer, Forest Department

A forester who has worked intensively with the Chepang community (an indigenous group), even learning their language so she could teach them animal husbandry and commercial agriculture.

“The first step in the struggle of women in the public service sector is to prove wrong the common view that women in public service are not capable of fulfilling their responsibilities” 


 Shabraj Bam, Teacher

As a teacher in one of Nepal’s most rural districts, he saw how intimidated his students were by mathematical formulas.

“Expelling one of my relatives from the examination hall after they were caught cheating makes me feel proud as it means I have fulfilled my responsibility in maintaining good standards of education”.

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Shesh Narayan Poudel, Assistant CDO, Morang District Administration Office.

An administrator who thinks big and doesn’t always wait for an official green light before pursuing solutions to problems.

“Members of the public can experience negative emotions for different reasons.  Understanding the reasons for these emotions and addressing those reasons can only then help us win their faith”


Srijana TiwariUnder Secretary, Ministry of General Education

Tiwari has devoted years to fighting on behalf of Nepalese migrant workers facing injustices abroad.

“To be an honest employee, it is not sufficient to work just to avoid losing one’s job; one must also question the issues and weaknesses within the organization and give appropriate suggestions and feedback to deal with them”


You can choose your preferred contestant online at or via SMS to short code 34001. The winner will be announced on December 18, 2017 at a ceremony to be held at Karki Banquet, Babarmal.

Presented by: Prashant Bhandari

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