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tinyGive and Accountability Lab have partnered to power online giving through social media to support relief infrastructure for the Kathmandu earthquake survivors and rescue teams. Accountability Lab is bringing their teams’ experience with transparency and integrity to ensure that the significant outpouring of financial support being sent to the region via broadly-publicized efforts championed by tech companies and non-governmental organizations is put to use effectively.

The campaign to raise $10,000 went live on tinyGive’s site on Monday, April 27. Donors can participate in the campaign by sending a tweet that mentions @AccountLab, a dollar amount (e.g. $10), and #tinygive. First-time donors who send the tweet will receive a response from @tinyGive with a link to complete their check-out process.

Accountability Lab is a non-governmental organization that has been working in Nepal since 2012, and incubates programs in education, theater and film-making, access to government services, and freedom of information. The team has moved quickly in response to the Kathmandu earthquake and are setting up mobile helpdesks in three key locations in Kathmandu: the pavilion in Tudikhel and Bir Hospital; Patan Durbar Square; and in the Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj.

These free helpdesks and platforms will be used to support citizens to obtain information related to the disaster, solve problems around relief efforts and entitlements, and make sure the earthquake response agencies are accountable to Nepali citizens where and when they need it most. $10,000 is the estimated cost to operate one helpdesk with volunteers for just over three months during the most intense period of the humanitarian response.

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tinyGive currently partners with over 180 organizations to power online giving, and has created 30 dedicated campaigns for causes like the Accountability Lab. tinyGive has received support from New Media Ventures, the Points of Light Civic Accelerator, the Georgetown Law Social Enterprise and Nonprofit Law Clinic, and the Westly Foundation, and has been featured at San Francisco’s Social Good Tech Week, and in the Wall Street Journal, Chronicle of Philanthropy, and Washington Post. The platform offers a range of plans for the organizations supported, and takes a small percentage of the funds raised to cover overhead.

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