“What about if we name and fame the good guys?”
Blair Glencorse

There has never been more need for trust in people in power. The good news is: Blair Glencorse is leading a global movement to build this kind of trust, accountability, and responsibility. He is doing so through his NGO, The Accountability Lab, and national campaigns like Integrity Idol, which took place in South Africa in May. The Accountability Lab catalyzes a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders around the world. So far, Blair and his teams have been working in Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Liberia, and Nepal.


Integrity Idol provides a platform for a positive national conversation that can help all of us think about the role we’d like to play, the life we’d like to live, the social change we’d like to see. Integrity Idol South Africa aimed to offer South Africans a way to support accountability in government and a sense of positive agency. Ultimately, the campaign created role models for the next generation of public servants.

The Integrity Idol South Africa award ceremony was part of the BMW Foundation Global Table in Cape Town, which also addressed the topic of reducing inequality and promoting good governance through accountability. Integrity Idol South Africa was supported by the BMW Foundation as well as the BMW Group and many of its employees in South Africa who helped to spread awareness about this positive engagement campaign.

Blair Glencorse is a winner of the 2015 BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Awards.

He is also an Echoing Green Fellow and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Transparency & Anti-Corruption.  Blair grew up in the UK, was educated in the United States, and has lived across Africa and South Asia. Listen to our podcast OnPurpose with Blair.

This article as first posted by the BMW Foundation’s twentythirty team on 10 October 2018