Accountability Lab’s Nepal Country Representative, Narayan Adhikari, was recently invited to conduct a training session on “ The Pathway to Accountability – The Role of a Game Changer” at the US Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workshop was attended by 5 embassy staff members and 28 youth activists, representing a variety of youth organizations including Youth Initiative, Youth Council, and the Near East and South Asia Undergraduate Exchange Program. Narayan discussed anti-corruption within the Nepali context and how innovative tools, such as Bolaun! can help empower citizens to hold power-holders responsible, and in turn create sustainable development. Then, one of the Lab’s Accountapreneurs, Tanka Aryal, presented the Right to Information (RTI) Toolkit as a tool to use in the pathway to accountability.

The embassy’s Alumni Coordinator Khanal Sudeep commented, “The workshop on both the accountability and the right to information was very fruitful. We really received excellent feedback from the participants.”

While training is not the primary focus of the Lab’s work, the organization views such trainings as valuable opportunities to instill interest in and understanding of accountability among civil society representatives, youth, and politicians – all of whom play a crucial role in peaceful and lasting social change. The Lab plans to continue these workshops throughout other locations in Nepal.