BBC‘s People Fixing the World podcast featured the Accountability Lab’s 2018 Integrity Idol Nepal competition. 

By Tom Colls

Colls interviews Integrity Idol nominees, including a health worker who went above and beyond the call of duty, an agricultural entrepreneur and worker, a public servant that inspires youth to improve themselves, a public administrator renown for fairness, and another public administrator who expands public services to isolated communities, as well as the co-founder of Accountability Lab Nepal, Narayan Adhikari, who states that the talent show “celebrate[s] public service heroes” who are “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” for the communities they serve. Instead of naming and shaming corrupt government officials, Integrity Idol Nepal is “naming and faming” honest government workers, hoping to move people towards the positive rather than the negative of combatting corruption. Learn more about the talent show that “definitely makes a difference” as a “positive approach to ending corruption” through this free podcast episode.