Accountability Lab Nigeria and OGP Nigeria are collaborating to establish the OGP Nigeria Youth Network, a network of young people working in the areas of accountability, open governance, and innovation. The network will include OGP Champions, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Women, and Youth-led organizations across the 36 States of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory (F.C.T) who will engage with the OGP Inclusion and Diversity working group in Nigeria to mainstream youth, women, and PWDs in all OGP thematic areas both at the state and the federal level.

The network shall have a variety of youth engagement activities, some of which include peer-to-peer mentoring on OGP, exploring opportunities for life-skills training and negotiation skills, among others. We will also be advocating for women’s participation in politics, the Disability Act, the GEO Bill, Gender Budgeting, social interaction and networking with OGP and Open Alliance members.

The network shall implement various activities including exploring opportunities for soft skill building, training of youth Champions, as well as in-depth research on key OGP issues in Nigeria focused on Inclusion. There were also be events organized such as training sessions and an Annual Summit (online and onsite). The network will also engage in community service activities and regular community outreach to sensitize local communities on OGP activities. Crucially, the network will also lobby OGP Nigeria at the national and sub-national levels to ensure representation of the Network at OGP Summit and OGP Nigeria Working Committees. 

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