The Accountability Lab’s work in higher education in Nepal and Liberia has been selected by Transparency International as a “Game Changer” and will be profiled at the 15th annual International Anti-Corruption Conference in Brazilia next week through the Game Changers Global Initiative. As stated on the website, the platform will “showcase anti-corruption game changing strategies, profile the game changers behind these initiatives and facilitate a global exchange of knowledge and experiences around four dimensions: Innovating and testing new ideas; Public Mobilisation; Support for victims and the witnesses of corruption; and Connecting the game changers with a global community of people sharing a common mission to create change and crack corruption.” More details on the Game Changers can be found here.

The discussions in Brazilia will focus around interventions in the education sector and the issues of accountability related to these programs. The workshop will: “review the major risks of fraud associated with particular pro-poor incentive models at different levels of the system, including higher education; as well as innovative strategies developed by countries to reduce such risks. Particular references will be made to experiences conducted in Liberia, South Africa, India Nepal and Brazil. The new opportunities offered by social networks to help map corruption risks in education will also be discussed. The cross-comparison of countries’ experiences should help produce varied and reproducible solutions for enhancing transparency and accountability in incentive-based educational programs. These solutions, though based on the specific challenges faced in the education sector, should have great potential for addressing corruption challenges across other public sectors”. More details on the “Game Changers” Session on November 8th can be found here.