Accountability Lab Nigeria is proud to be partnering with the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industries (LCCI) on the 2020 Africa Business Ethics Conference (ABEC) in Lagos, Nigeria in collaboration with official partner, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

The conference is themed “Tackling Corruption to Reduce Poverty, Unemployment and Insecurity in Africa: A Necessity for Building Resilience”, and will convene global, regional and in-country experts, policy makers, diverse business leaders and representatives, and civil society to facilitate solution-driven dialogue on developments impacting Africa’s growing economies. The conference fosters connections, networks and continued engagement across stakeholder groups in order to support  like-minded reform-oriented efforts and interventions that produce solutions, thought leadership, and useful guidance to leaders across the continent. The 2020 ABEC will also commemorate International  Anti-Corruption Day on December 9, 2020.

The main thematic areas include:

Think Africa: What proactive interventions are required to change the high perception of corruption in Africa and what measures are needed to change the public perception that corruption is an irresolvable problem in Africa?
Business – led Solutions: What are companies, business membership organizations, chambers and the network of private sector actors and employers doing that is or could be effective in mitigating opportunities for corruption in Nigeria and in Africa?
Economic inclusion: What pragmatic actions and collaborative efforts are required to deepen economic inclusion in Nigeria and across Africa to diversify opportunities making a business case for probity in the continent?
Strengthen Governance Institutions: How should existing regulatory and governance institutions and structures be strengthened or reformed for greater effectiveness in mitigating corruption in order to unlock the potential for productivity and growth?
Transparency and accountability: How can the accountability and transparency systems be enhanced to boost broad-based compliance with codes of ethics by companies and institutional rule-based due process by government?

The conference is also holding a pitch challenge for innovative ideas to mitigate against corruption in Nigeria. The ABEC Anti-Corruption Idea Challenge seeks to find new ideas from individuals, groups, and organizations on how the existing anti-corruption agenda and campaign can be improved upon to make the fight more effective and impactful. This is an opportunity to showcase intellectual content, outcome of research findings and inventions to audience comprising public and private sector operators and managers who may adopt and implement your pitch. The top 5 ideas will take part in a 1-week bootcamp to develop their ideas into concepts and proposals.
The conference is free to attend. Register here!