This week, Accountability Lab and the Government of Korea are hosting a bootcamp for the 2021 Open Government Partnership Summit’s youth delegates. Catch the Day 2 recap here

For the final day of the OGP bootcamp, the youth delegates took everything they had learned about open government processes and collaboration across diverse interests, to create policy recommendations. Split into three groups based on their backgrounds and expertise, the delegates developed draft proposals on: i) civic space and public participation; ii) inclusive digital innovation; and iii) anti-corruption. 

While brainstorming in their policy groups, the delegates focused on a number of pertinent issues, including: 

  • How can governments guarantee inclusive citizen participation for public projects so communities don’t feel like their tax dollars are wasted?
  • How can governments encourage citizens to utilize open government data and develop programs around it that have a positive impact on their lives?
  • If governments substantially or fully fund civil society organizations, will these organizations be able to fulfil their role as a check on government?

After the policy groups presented their progress to the larger group, delegates from other policy areas were able to give peer feedback, such as the importance of: 

  • Utilizing inclusive and accessible language;
  • Weaving a common narrative within the proposal;
  • Mapping out a plan for implementation,

These proposals are the delegates’ main deliverables from the bootcamp, as they will be presenting and pitching their recommendations at a special session during the Open Government Partnership Summit later this month. Register your interest for the event (5:30am EST / 7:30pm KST on December 16th) by emailing [email protected]