“We, the young people from around the world, unite our voices and efforts behind the Open Government Partnership.”

The Government of Canada and Asian Development Bank – in partnership with Open Government Partnership (OGP), Accountability Lab, and Restless Development – funded 16 youth delegates from 14 OGP countries to participate in a tailored program for the 2019 OGP Global Summit to represent youth and strengthen their engagement within the Partnership. The group decided to build sustainability into these youth engagement efforts by formally developing an OGP Youth Collective based on a Youth Declaration. This Declaration is a unifying statement describing the purpose, vision, and commitments of members of the Collective.

The group also developed a Power Plan checklist for youth engagement within the Partnership. This Plan is a checklist that provides governments and civil society organizations (CSOs) with a tool to evaluate their youth engagement in terms of inclusion, accountability, and sustainability. The youth delegates also created a complementary list of recommendations on how to engage youth if these government and CSOs are not engaging youth as much as the checklist suggests.