AL Nigeria, calls for engagement with young Nigerians in order to consolidate Nigeria’s democracy and good governance.

 by Frank Ikpefan and Obinna Uchendu
The organisation, which is pushing for accountability and transparency in governance, stated that creative engagement with young people was the only way for Nigeria’s democracy to thrive.
Country Director, Accountability Lab Nigeria, Friday Odeh, stated this at the official unveiling of the organisation’s Voice2Rep – Raise your voice project, on Thursday, Abuja.
Odeh said that for the country’s democracy to move forward, young people should be given greater participation in the political process.
This, he explained, would help to create a unified voice for an inclusive and fair society.
Odeh said citizens continued to suffer from resulting from lack of accountability and representation.
He explained that this has forced ordinary citizens to remain political spectators while quietly suffering the agony of poor governance and its consequences.
The country director explained that the project will give opportunities and representation to young musical artists without access in the music industry.
He said: “The consolidation of democracy and good governance in Nigeria calls for creative engagement with young people, greater participation in the political process and a unified voice for an inclusive and fair society.
“Nigerians continues to suffer from entrenched challenges around accountability and lack of representation. Ordinary citizens in most cases remain political spectators quietly suffering the agony of poor governance and its consequences.
“Politicians come and promise you a lot during election. After four years they come back again. There is need to hold them accountable. Don’t wait for them to come back in the next four years before you hold them accountable.
“With Voice2Rep, through lyrics, our artists can hold politicians accountable. One of the things we look to address is engaging renowned musicians and development experts in this area.
“We will mentor first time artists to make songs on elections, women’s rights and accountability. In this way, the music becomes the gateway towards large changes in behaviours and knowledge will be appreciated.
“It will address key challenges that include the low level of knowledge among Nigerians about their lives and their responsibilities and the importance of elections, the need to vote for candidates with policies rather than simply based on their personalities.
Speaking on the new project, he said: “Voice to Represent (Voice2Rep) is a first of its kind music competition searching for top first-time WaZoBia-Pigin English music artists who support greater representation, participation and accountability across Nigeria.
“It gives these rising stars a platform to make their voices heard, connect with socially-conscious leaders in the music industry and build the skills they need to shape the future of the country through music.
“Voice2Rep is run by Accountability Lab Nigeria in partnership with the Dutch Embassy Chocolate City- one of the largest music platforms and entertainment companies on the African continent.”
This article was first posted in The Nation Online on the 4th of October 2018