Interested in learning more about our Accountapreneur program? Check out our new report on the Nepal Accountability Incubator.

We engaged an outside evaluator to interview the incubator’s ten “accountapreneurs” about their experiences and talk with Lab staff about the program.

We found that participants clearly valued the chance to belong to a supportive ecosystem that connected them to other social entrepreneurs and helped them build new skills and expertise. Participants also said they gained a clearer understanding of accountability and integrity and were resolved to integrate these concepts more deeply into their organizations. As one participant put it, the Lab “has helped me understand in real life how accountability issues play out across a variety of sectors, and really internalize the meaning of accountability.”

Accountapreneurs cited numerous ways the program had helped their organizations grow:

      • The seed funding made it possible for many to build a stronger organization and team
      • One accountapreneur reached over 50,000 migrant workers and their families through a Lab-sponsored program
      • Another grew his funding streams by 35% and recruited more volunteers

Nearly all accountapreneurs said they would have liked even more opportunities for collaboration with the global accountapreneur network. That will be one of our top priorities going forward. You can read the report here.