If you know an exemplary teacher in Philadelphia, help us and our partners The Philadelphia Citizen, SEAMAAC, WURD Radio and United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for Integrity Icon Philadelphia.

Talk to any parent in Philadelphia, and you’re bound, eventually, to get to the topic that’s always top of mind for those raising children in the city: schools.

Talk to them long enough to get past the usual worries and you’ll likely find yourself hearing something beautiful and perhaps (to those looking on from the outside) surprising: That their child’s teacher is amazing.

Why? For all sorts of reasons that come down to the simple fact that so many teachers in this city go above and beyond teaching, to make sure their students learn well, live well and become the best human beings they possibly can. They are epic teachers—icons, even.

Those are the teachers (or principals, aides, school nurses and counselors) we want to know about as part of Integrity Icon Philly.

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