A local film that explores the themes of ‘sexploitation’ and mental harassment is set to premiere later this month.

Producer, Connor Zephlen said in an interview that the film was a result of personal experiences.

“Good film productions are a mirror of what happens in their societies, or based on personal experiences so I believe the storyline on Cruel Joke is a reflection of what is happening in our society where we are seeing some personal decisions coming back to hit one on the face.

“The inspiration came from my personal experiences, being pushed by the universe to make decisions that at the end blew up in my face. Although I made the right decision I felt punished for making that decision,” she said.

Cruel Joke, shot in Harare and set to be screened later this month, inspires the audience to stand up against harassment.

“A goal of mine while making the film has been to show viewers the power they hold to either stand up against targeted harassment or allow it to continue. The film can be seen as a call to action to stop harassment,” said Zephlen.

Originally published in 263 Chat