LRA Assist. Commissioner Jlateh asserts

Integrity should be at the center of everyone’s education to promote change in the mindset of Liberians in order to succeed in nation-building, The Assistant Commissioner for Budget and Finance at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Mr. Ord-Siejepo Jlateh has recommended.

Commissioner Jlateh who served as the keynote speaker at the launch of the 2020 Integrity Icon held at the office of Accountability Lab in Monrovia, observed that some individuals have the mindset of not waiting for their time but want quick money. As a result, they enter into a career far from what they can do best at, because they want to work in areas like the bank to steal money to get rich at once.

The Integrity Icon is a campaign that Accountability Lab Liberia has been running since 2014  to promote citizen engagement and demand for individual integrity. The launch of the campaign on Tuesday, March 10 was the beginning of an eight-month-long program intended to invite the public to nominate outstanding public servants who demonstrate honesty and integrity under difficult circumstances.

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