The Hotel de l’Amitié in Bamako, hosted the night of Friday, March 25 to 26, 2022, the ceremony of revealing the most honest designated official of the year. Mr. Famakan Cissé, President of the Court of First Instance of Bla won the title of this 6th  edition.

The ambassadors of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Canada took part in this evening. In his speech, the Country Director of Accountability Lab Mali, Cheick Oumar Dembélé, returned to the objective of the competition. According to him, it is a question of giving priority to and magnifying honesty and integrity among civil servants in the public administration. This initiative aims to encourage others towards integrity. Indeed, the designated figure should inspire other civil servants, in particular the younger generation, according to Mr. Dembélé.

For his part, HE. Marjan Schippers the ambassador of the Netherlands, partner of Accountability Lab Mali, will say that their vision and policy of fight against corruption and promotion of stability, is in perfect symbiosis with the mission of Accountability. As a reminder, this is a partnership that dates back to 2018 and is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ engagement strategy in the Sahel region. Through this project, the Kingdom of the Netherlands intends to support its national partners to act on the causes of instability for peace and sustainable development. As for the winner of this edition, Mr. Famakan Cissé, he expressed the immense joy that animates him and declares that it is essential to drive corruption out of our societies.

Originally published in MaliWeb