MONROVIA, 3 September – As the dialogue on electoral reform resonates with Liberians, iCampus has streamed three short films focusing on three key electoral reform issues.

The films focused on issues such as the tenure of elected public officials, women in leadership, and the current date of election. It was supported by the Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative’s electoral reform initiative, sponsored by USAID.

iCampus is a shared co-working and community space for organizations working on technology, accountability, and social change in the country. The organization’s learning and communications manager who was also lead producer of the films, Janet Kamara, said the film festival was also meant to tell the stories of civil society partners working on the LAVI electoral reform project, such as the Elections Coordinating Committee.

Kamara said the festival was an innovation created to buttress the efforts of the partners to allow actors to learn about the different reform issues the ECC and other partners were pushing.

According to her, the films contained inclusive views of decision-makers and ordinary citizens.

“For these films, we talked to frontliners in the political space. We talked to legislators, for example,” she said. “We also talked to ordinary citizens to get their views so that the films can be balanced because we wanted to tell a balanced story.”

However, she said the views expressed by the respondents in the short documentaries vary on the different reform issues.

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