What a campaign this year! We’ve had the chance to honor fantastic artists making waves in this anti-corruption space. Without further ado, here are your 2016 Honesty Oscars winners!


Best Photo: Tony Maake- A South African photographer who beautifully brought to light the water crisis in South African villages. See the photo up close here.


Best Film
: The Battle for Land- This film, by Human Pictures, captures the perils of forced mass displacement in Colombia and speaks to the “dark side of progress” and development. Watch the trailer here.



Best Song: Stop the Bleeding- This raw and emotional song by Livesoul, Synik and Pauline & The Kids forces us to take a look into the depths of financial corruption in the entire continent of Africa. Listen to the song here.


ahmedgamalziadaBest Male Activist: Ahmed Gamal Ziada- An Egyptian photojournalist and videographer takes this award for his work in keeping the Egyptian government and police forces accountable for their actions.



Best Female Activist– Hadiza Usman- Usman’s work in creating the global #bringbackourgirls campaign led to her win this year. Her campaign places significant pressure on the Nigerian government and created worldwide awareness about the girls abducted by Boko Haram.

We’re thrilled to be a part of promoting the work of these fantastically talented and driven folks. Thank you to all of this year’s nominees and winners for tackling such challenging issues with so much enthusiasm. Thank you, voters, for making this year’s Honesty Oscars a success. This is only the beginning of ensuring a more transparent and accountable world. Until next year!

Visit www.honestyoscars.org for a full list of winners, links to their work and ways to engage with them.