13502563_1007380089357915_3622819050281139698_oBy: Joaquin Sendolo. This article was originally published by Liberia’s Daily Observer.
British Ambassador to Liberia David Belgrove has promised to support Accountability Lab-Liberia in its campaign to sensitize Liberians how to make proper decisions in the upcoming 2017 presidential and general elections.

Accountability Lab-Liberia last Friday launched a music video titled, “Whom to Vote For,” which aims to reach Liberians in all parts of the country, sensitizing them about their right to vote and how to properly utilize their votes to reverse the poor representation and leadership they had experienced in the past.

Prior to the formal launching of the music video, Ambassador Belgrove informed reporters at a press conference that the British Embassy is pleased to support the campaign, “because it contains messages that will help young people to make a better decision in the democratic transition of the country.”

Ambassador Belgrove warned that election is not just about personality, but about what a person can do for the country and how realistic the candidates make their respective promises to the electorate.

He said as election time draws near, Liberians should focus on who can deliver for Liberia and its people and how s/he will deliver on those promises.

Rebecca Archer-Knepper, Assistant Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy, also assured the public of the embassy’s willingness to support the “Whom to Vote For” music video.

Ms. Archer-Knepper said the US is interested in the election; and as such, over the next 16 months, they will be working with key stakeholders to prepare for the conduct of the elections.

The Resident Country Director of Accountability Lab, Francis A. Lansana, said the electorate can be confused and indecisive as to whom to vote for on election day. According to him, the confusion arises from a crowded political field wherein relatives, friends and others associated with the electorate come into the election with rhetoric.

Mr. Lansana noted that they at Accountability Lab-Liberia saw it expedient to begin the awareness through music because any decision made during election will have a long trickledown effect on the country and the electorate.

“We have used Henry A. Toe, one of Liberia’s popular Hip-Co Ambassadors, to produce music on corruption; and seeing the need to sensitize voters in the coming elections, we also contacted his team to produce “Whom to Vote For” in our colloquial that everyone will understand, because any decision that will be made tomorrow will affect all of us,” Lansana said.

Meanwhile, this is one of a series of public advocacy programs Accountability Lab-Liberia has undertaken since it started operations in the country a few years ago.

It may be recalled that last year it introduced the program, “Integrity Idol” aimed at identifying and commending people who have been demonstrating high levels of integrity, but whose actions were unknown to the public.