Accountability Lab is excited to announce our collaboration with the Corruption, Justice & Legitimacy Program (CJL) at The Fletcher School at Tufts University. CJL’s Social Norms and Corruption project will be working with our flagship program – Integrity Icon – to understand how best to effectively monitor and evaluate change in social norms related to corruption.  Integrity Icon “names and fames” honest government officials, building coalitions for integrity among the winners and inspiring the next generation of public servants.

The Corruption, Justice and Legitimacy Program (CJL) is a research-to-practice initiative committed to improving the effectiveness of anti-corruption programming in contexts of endemic corruption. 

This collaboration entails a four-step process from exploration of social norms, developing an M & E framework, implementation to a final review. AL looks forward to a mutually beneficial learning opportunity and in sharing experiences in order to contribute to the effectiveness of the anti-corruption field. 

“We are excited to partner with and learn from CJL. This collaboration will help us strengthen our M&E practices and enable us to adapt programming to increase our contribution to shifting norms in the civil service over time,” commented Cheri-Leigh Erasmus, Global Director of Learning at Accountability Lab.

You can read more about our Integrity Icon project here.