By Lincoln G Peters

Emmanuel Tolue, the teenager who found and returned US50,000 to the owner has received an additional 10,250 in cash reward from the Chief Executive Officer of the Spoon Group of Companies and focal moderator of the Spoon Talkshow, Mr. Stanton Witherspoon.

Tolue, an 18-year-old commercial motorcyclist from Nimba County, recently found and returned to Madam Musu Yancy, the rightful owner of US$50,000.00 while he was riding near the Gblor Dialla Township in Nimba County.

Since then, Tolue has been receiving recognition and awards, some of which came from Liberia’s President George Manneh Weah and other top officials and institutions here.

According to Emmanuel, while riding the bike he found the money wrapped in a plastic bag on the road. He opened the bag and saw US$50,000.00 cash and he took it to his aunt for safekeeping until the owner was located.

Originally published in The New Dawn Liberia.