The Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative (LAVI) is the five-year USAID-funded project strengthening Liberian stakeholder partnerships that advocate for and monitor policy reforms. LAVI supports their civil society and government partners to collaborate on common policy issues and design advocacy campaigns that are effective, inclusive and relevant to the Liberian context.

iCampus is a multi-sector innovation and community space that brings together technology, accountability and social change. Individual and organizational members can use the space as an office or to hold events, participate in numerous trainings, and more. Among other things, iCampus is also an implementing partner for LAVI.

Through that relationship, the idea to organize an electoral reform mini-film festival was born. Accountability Lab, another member of the collaborative team behind the festival, is a non-profit organization working in the fields of active citizenship and good governance. They support individuals to develop and implement ideas for integrity and accountability, in communities and institutions. iLab, also party to the effort, is all about ‘’technology that matters for Liberia’’.

When it came to the idea of showcasing electoral reform through video, or visual storytelling, they agreed to feature the three proposed reforms with the most agreement across the fifteen counties: supporting women’s political participation, reducing the tenure of elected officials and changing the date of elections.

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