AL Liberia is running a special edition of its Rap2Rep campaign that’s searching for the best HipCo songs about coronavirus and the behavior changes we have to make as society. The songs debunk rumours about the pandemic and encourage healthy habits.

The campaign, in partnership with the US Embassy in Monrovia, has found a melodic way of carrying necessary health information and advice to communities. The only rule of the campaign? That the songs entered include reliable advice on how people can stay safe and flatten the curve in the country.

Our Rap2Rep campaign (also run as Voice2Rep in Nigeria) aims to build a network of musicians and fans of socially conscious music who are passionate about using their voices to advocate for the change they would like to see.



Contestants were challenged to create short videos or sound recordings and also to post videos to their personal Facebook pages. Based on the applications, acclaimed American artists Aisha Fukushima, Oscar Williams and popular Liberian rapper Beatmaster will select two overall winners. Winners will be notified and announced on social media and all participants are encouraged to share their submissions to extend the reach of the songs. The winners will be chosen based on both judges’ scores and the number of times that songs are shared on social media. Winners stand a chance to win production time in the iCampus music studio to produce a song professionally.

Liberia’s COVID-19 infection rate is growing, and Accountability Lab Liberia has established this project to help encourage people to practise social distancing, wear masks and regularly wash their hands. During the Ebola crisis, AL Liberia mobilized HipCo musicians to develop songs to build awareness, and through a national campaign on radio and through concerts, sensitized thousands of Liberians to the danger of the virus. Now, there is a core group of very engaged, very popular artists who are ready to participate in raising awareness around COVID-19.

Led by accountability ambassador Henry “Amaze Yor” Toe,  15 Liberian Hip Co artists have collaborated on three songs to raise awareness about the health and safety measures necessary to stop the spread. The musicians include Mercy Adortey, Oretha Keri togba, Thomas Theoto Brima, Lauren daddy’s Queen Kolleh, Corina T Bestman, Bendu Peaches Forkpah, Tonia A Reeves, Alfred super 7 Flomo, Preacha Mann, Darius D Man Sando, Philipino Kingsaboso, Peter Dolocool Dolo, Foday Force Sesay and McDonald Birthday suit Nyepan.

The project aims to create a platform for creative music production and to bring young people into conversations around social accountability. Listen to the songs below. We’d love to hear what you think!


Coronavirus is Real

We Got the Hope