In a world where young people are sidelined in conversations involving their future, more young people are rising, changing the status quo and amplifying their participation in governance matters. They are taking on the task of changing the narrative in policymaking processes and making their voices heard. Accountability Lab is proud to have two of its staff members from Nepal and Liberia appointed to join the newly established YouthLED Integrity Advisory Board for the Global Resource for Anti-Corruption Education and Youth Empowerment (GRACE) initiative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Parnneh Mallobe from Liberia and Prekkshya Bimali from Nepal join 23 other passionate young civil society leaders from across the world who are interested in youth empowerment, sustainable development, integrity, ethics, and anti-corruption, as members of the Board. 

Prekkshya works with Accountability Lab Nepal as a Program Officer. She supports the implementation of the Lab’s programs, including travelling around the country to conduct leadership and data training as part of our Gov-HER-nance program. As someone who is passionate about engaging young people, Prekkshya is excited to take up this new responsibility. “Before joining Accountability Lab, I worked with marginalized communities and youth in Nepal. I am passionate about engaging youth to build innovative ideas on accountability and transparency. This has been made possible to a large extent by my work, where I am directly involved in youth-oriented programs,” she says.  

“The YouthLED Integrity Advisory Board focuses on youth and youth engagement in countering corruption. This is the best opportunity to scale up. I believe I can equally contribute to the program by sharing our initiatives, learnings, and experiences in promoting the values of integrity. Apart from this, this kind of engagement will strengthen my advocacy skills, extend my networks and also build my capacity to support youth working towards the same vision,” she added. 

Parnneh Mallobe is a Communications Assistant for Accountability Lab Liberia. She is responsible for AL Liberia’s marketing and communications efforts, including supporting the programs team with online and offline outreach activities for our Voice2Rep, Integrity Icon and Accountability Incubator campaigns. As one of the representatives for West Africa, Parnneh joins the Board to use the platform to amplify the voices of young people in West Africa. 

“I hope that I am able to adequately voice the issues of the Liberian youth and the voices of the youth in West Africa. I hope to find innovative ways to do so and learn new ways to work with young people, support important issues, and their role in countering corruption,” she explains.  

The elected members of the YouthLED Integrity Advisory Board will play a key role in championing the phrase, “Nothing about us, without us” to ensure youth are respected as contributors, partners, leaders, innovators and knowledge-holders in policy processes. They will also represent a programmatic follow-up to the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) Youth Forum recommendations by establishing a permanent anti-corruption youth voice to discuss and contribute to UNODC’s work in mainstreaming youth perspectives. The organization is committed to finding efficient and sustainable solutions to global corruption problems.

“This will be a great peer learning platform, and I hope to learn from others’ experiences and practices,” says Prekkshya. “I hope to contribute to building and developing the tools for building integrity. I hope we will be able to convene and engage as many young people in countering corruption through building sustainable tools and creating relevant platforms and opportunities. This could be a great opportunity to build the momentum against corruption,” Prekkshaya shares. 

“I believe that my future engagement as one of the YouthLED Advisory Board members will further push the great work we are doing at Accountability Lab Liberia on anti-corruption and the role of youth,” Parnneh added.  

UNODC launched the Global Resource for Anti-Corruption Education and Youth Empowerment (GRACE) to promote the role of education and youth empowerment in countering corruption and nurture a global culture around the rejection of corruption. The initiative’s mission is to help today’s youth become tomorrow’s “Guardians of Integrity” by equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and mindsets to promote transparency, accountability, and integrity within their communities.  Meet them all here.