Tshiamo Malatji is based in Bloemfontein where he coordinates a mobile community resource centre. The centre offers a range of services including a regular soup kitchen, food garden projects and a monthly arts market to provide direct support to vulnerable people experiencing unemployment, displacement and homelessness. He contested the 2021 local government elections as an independent candidate for his ward.

Tshiamo was attracted to the Incubator program by AL’s expanded definition of accountability which conceives of accountability as including support for communities to build capacity to solve their problems without relying on the state completely. This aligns directly with his accountability initiative. Informed by anarchist principles for organising, the initiative aims to demonstrate how social initiatives which build and strengthen community bonds and relations of care supports the sustainability of community initiatives and builds capacity for communities to organise for social and public-sector accountability.

Tshiamo is also Chief Editor of a cultural magazine – The Culture Review. He hopes to use media and story-telling to document the work his accountability initiative and the people they support as well as to build youth volunteer support for this work.