AL works hard to build relevant coalitions and communities around accountability, transparency and open government at the local, national and international levels. We do this by channelling ideas upwards to inform and influence policies and practices. 

These efforts include a particular focus on the C20 as a way to channel civil society voices into high-level decision-making at the G20, the Open Government Partnership as a process for the co-creation of goals related to accountability and open government; and work around SDG16 with partners from across government, business and the media, including the TAP Network.

Our efforts to encourage greater transparency in the anti-corruption sector include a mechanism to hold G20 member states accountable for their anti-corruption commitments. Our G20 Anti-Corruption Commitments Tracker was created by Accountability Lab, along with the inputs of many other organizations, to try and address challenges around G20 accountability (or the lack of it) by tracking commitments using an easy-to-understand tool.