With the aim of building a career in the humanitarian sector, Sanju enrolled herself for a Bachelor in Social Work and Journalism degree after high school. As an undergraduate student of social work, she understood the importance of NGOs, INGOs, and local organizations and started dedicating her time to volunteering. She also wrote articles covering issues of national importance and digital advocacy in her community. She runs the “Save a Child’s future” project in Kathmandu that’s been celebrated on international platforms such as Peace First, Kidsright Changemakers, and the State of Youth. Currently, she is working as a childrens’ activist to provide non-formal education and life skills training to 25 children of the Sinamangal area. Sanju plans to work on an Incubator project that helps children in difficult situations and supports their academic success and mental health, including providing them with training, knowledge building, mentoring, network building, and fundraising.