Gorata is a student at the University of Witwatersrand. Throughout her time as an undergrad at the Rhodes University she played a part in organising a number of protests and movements relating to rape culture, and other issues related to anti-rape activism.  Her proposed project title is Memory is the Final Word, project aims to create an archive of the history of anti-rape activism in institutions of higher learning in South Africa. Through this archive, stakeholders and various community members will be able to draw from a wide evidence base, in order to ensure that the promises to address gender-based violence made by such institutions are kept, and in doing so, serve as a tool for maintaining accountability. The problem Gorata’s initiative aims to address is the erasure of anti-rape activism at institutions of higher learning in South Africa.

Memory is the Final Word will be a multimedia web archive of a series of sexual violence protests at higher learning institutions, expanding on a project I started in 2018. In my 2018 project, I began to archive student perspectives/media outputs about the #RUReferenceList protest. The website will fill in some of the gaps in public memory as well as highlighting aspects of the narrative that have not been explored. In so doing, I hope to create a long-standing archive which can ensure that the activism that has been done over decades is remembered and the commitments made by the university in response, are upheld. Stakeholders will include activists who have mobilized against sexual violence at Rhodes University in the past two decades.