The SDG16 innovation challenge is an initiative to find creative solutions for SDG16. The competition supports young men and women ages 15 – 35 years to develop ideas, build skills and connect with others working towards a shared goal of strengthening accountability, the rule of law and access to justice for Nigerians. Applicants are invited to fill out our online application form here.

The SDG16 innovation competition focuses on four thematic areas (or research questions). The program design is focused on human-centered activities which will focus on engaging participants actively to foster a more holistic understanding of issues around accountability, rule of law and access to justice.

Each focus group will focus on a specific thematic area:

  1. How can we re-design the justice system to serve the poor?
  2. How can we support the voices of women in the rule of law?
  3. How can we make sure everyone is included in conversations about the future of Nigeria?
  4. How can young people enhance corporate and government accountability?

Applicants can submit as individuals or teams, but Accountability Lab (AL) Nigeria will encourage young people to work in small groups to identify key challenges and to brainstorm solutions. From the pool of applicants, the AL team will then identify the best 90 concepts, before inviting them to one of three, 3-day workshops either in Abuja, Kano, and Lagos to refine their concepts (at least 70% of selected ideas will be led by women). If a team concept is identified, AL will ask the team to send one lead representative to attend. During these workshops, participants will discuss their proposed solutions to SDG16 challenges. On the final day of the workshop, participants will present their refined interventions to a panel of judges and a live audience who will vote for their favorite interventions. Judges will then identify at least one winning concept for each of the problem statements.

See more details about the SDG16 Innovation Challenge in this report.