Accountability Lab Liberia is working across Liberia to build a community of active citizens and responsible leaders.

by Lawrence Yealue

The Lab supports change-makers to innovate around accountability and support transparency and open governance.

The Lab has worked for many years within the media space in Liberia, supporting citizen journalists, providing capacity building to journalists and media houses, and pushing for an active, free and objective media space in the country. We were thrilled, therefore, when the Youth Voices Media Initiative recently honored our Country Director Lawrence Yealue as their “Personality of the Year 2018/19”.

In awarding the prize, the head of YVMI said: “I’d like to recognize the work of Lawrence and the whole Accountability Lab Liberia team in support of a free, objective press and a more inclusive and transparent Liberia. We the Editorial and Managerial Staff of Youth Voices Media Initiative award you as Personality of the year 2018/2019”

Lawrence has served as a business development expert, trainer, motivator, public speaker, and youth development consultant; and for 6 years as the Country Director for Accountability Lab. He is currently developing an Integrity School, through which the Lab will train incoming civil servants as part of the Integrity idol campaign to develop new ideas within local government

Lawrence dedicated the award to the staff of Accountability Lab, indicating that building accountability is a collective effort.

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