Accountability Lab Executive Director Joins World Economic Forum

The Accountability Lab’s Executive Director, Blair Glencorse, has accepted an invitation to become a Member of the Global Agenda Council on Transparency & Anti-Corruption with the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. The Council aligns with the work the Lab has been doing by stimulating conversation, action, and transformation in the anticorruption and transparency arena. The nomination reflects the Lab’s role as a prominent leader in new ideas and creative approaches to accountability around the world.

The opportunity to join this esteemed knowledge-network will provide a catalyst to broadcasting the issue of government corruption and accountability, as well as provide a valuable intellectual resource to contribute to the growth of the Lab’s “accountability incubators.” Blair commented on the invitation, “It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to support the accountability agenda on a broader scale, from the top down as well as the bottom up.”

About the Global Agenda Council on Transparency & Anti-Corruption

Established in 2008, the Network of Global Agenda Councils is an invitation-only knowledge network that serves as an international brain trust to the World Economic Forum and the world at large. The Network is composed of 80 Councils focusing on specific issues and 6 Meta-Councils dealing with cross-cutting themes. The Network gives its Members a unique platform to support the Forum’s vision to better understand and catalyze global, regional and industry transformation. Learn more here.

About the Accountability Lab

The Accountability Lab incubates citizens’ low-cost, high-impact ideas to build accountability and integrity in their communities. The Lab’s accountability incubators provide training, mentorship, networks, management support and seed funding. By enabling people to use information and knowledge to hold their governments to responsible, the Lab is finding innovative ways to unlock the rich potential for political and economic development around the world. For example, the Lab is coordinating with community actors to set up mobile citizen helpdesks to respond to the Nepal earthquake, and has set up an accountability film school to train youth to create documentaries about key social issues in Liberia.

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