Monrovia, Liberia: Civil Society group, Accountability Lab is urging stakeholders fighting killer virus Corona, to consider accountability and transparency as key pillows in the national effort.

Accountability Lab Country Director Lawrence Yealue suggested that the procurement process and beneficial ownership associated with the fight, need to be opened because according to him, Liberia is a signatory to the global open governance initiatives.

He stressed that there are several missteps because of what he calls a lack of information accountability.

Speaking in a KMTV exclusive Tuesday interview Mr. Yealue is quoted as saying, “Messages are not clear for consumption which is creating room for speculation and misinformation”, something he noted has the proclivity to undermine the little gains made.

According to him, clear-detailed information from top to bottom, would impact the judgment of community dwellers on how to adequately respond to national pronouncements, health protocols, prevention and containment of the virus.

The accountability Lab boss at the same time challenged the government to take advantage of existing laws in procuring materials as well as make clear how public monies received from donors are expended during the duration of the crisis.

He said this is important to avoid the repeat of the sad story of accountability that occurred during the Ebola virus crisis that was soon defeated through collective national and international efforts.

Yealue at the same time criticised President Weah and his team for allegedly excluding two key components of good governance in the fight against COVID-19 including the media and civil society; noting that such an endeavor may not be successful in the absence of the two groups.

“If you have only government people in the room, they might not be able to tell the president what civil society and the media would say to him,” he noted.

He went on to say that media and civil society should not only be considered as watchdogs but have a say in national discussions in an attempt to hold stakeholders responsible for promises and policies made.

“I think we need serious leadership but the leadership is not there and it is also sad that the president is not taking leadership but presidency,” he alleged.

Yealue urged the government to revisit the strategy derived to combat the virus adding that citizens are not abiding by the government’s instructions because the strategy designed to fight the virus is weak and lacks inclusivity.

The Accountability Lab boss meanwhile alleged that the official website of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) is not updated, noting that it is static with limited and outdated information regarding the actual number of active Corona cases, recoveries and deaths.

Originally published on KMTV News. Read the article here.