Accountability Lab Nigeria and the Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR) have decried the rise in vote buying, saying embezzlement, bribery, and electoral fraud remain huge forms of corrupt practices in Nigeria.

This was disclosed during an Integrity Conference held in Abuja yesterday, geared toward an interactive solution-oriented workshop for public servants to support the development of a culture of integrity within government, as one of the knowledge building tools to influence norms and change behaviours through practical learning scenarios such as case studies of role models and trendsetters, in this case, Integrity Icons.

The country director, Accountability Lab, Odeh Friday said lack of integrity and accountability within society has led to many people being left behind in governance and decision-making processes.

Friday noted that lack of accountability has led to broken public trust that often leaves citizens feeling hopeless.

“There are many who would say that Nigerians have strayed their moral compass, moving away from the tenets that we associate with excellence – professionalism, responsibility, accountability, and self-actualisation.

“But while we may struggle to find those role models amongst us who really drive integrity in their words and deeds, both at home and at work, at Accountability Lab – and I’m certain at many of other organizations as well – we’ve found that they do indeed exist.

“The upside of some of this dark news is that it presents us with incredible opportunities for change.”

Originally published in Leadership