Accountability Lab and ONE Campaign launch the third annual Honesty Oscars


By: Dhanya Addanki

Ready to revolutionize the Oscars?

We at Accountability Lab and the ONE Campaign are gearing up to do just that with our third annual Honesty Oscars. The Honesty Oscars are a weeklong digital event honoring artists, activists, films and musicians fighting corruption with their voice and with their art. This year, we’ve added photographers and women activists to our inspiring mix of creatives working exceptionally hard to ignite a more transparent world. We want to ensure that our governments and corporations are held accountable for their actions and these nominees play a significant role in creating a world where this is possible.

Even more exciting?

A brand new website solely dedicated to the Honesty Oscars! You can now browse through past winners, check out this years nominees and vote for your favorites all in one colorful space.

There are no Honesty Oscars without YOU! From February 21 to 29, you have the chance to vote for your favorite nominees. Voting ends Feb 29 12:00 am EST. When you’re done voting on the website, make sure to share it with your friends and family with the #honestyoscars hashtag- we want to share in your excitement and engage in this conversation with you! We will announce the winners on March 1 on our website as well as our social media channels.

Take a look at the categories here and see who sparks your interest in each one. We hope you’re as thrilled about this year’s Honesty Oscars as we are! Let’s honor people doing good things for our world!

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