The Accountability Lab and BSC Monrovia are pleased to announce a partnership to develop social impact tours of Liberia. The tours will provide visitors to Liberia with alternative perspectives on Liberian society which go well beyond traditional tourism; generate a learning experience with important insights into developmental projects that work; and build relationships with Liberians for positive economic change.

Participants on the tour will visit a variety of social entrepreneurs in Monrovia through tailored one or two day itineraries. The tours will include a boat ride with Olisco Kayea and his team of mechanics who build water taxis out of scrap metal and disused vehicle engines; discussions with Thomas Tweh and his community justice team who are resolving disputes in Monrovia’s largest low-income neighborhood; a visit to James Mulbah’s Green Center- Liberia’s first recycling and composting business; and a trip to Alfred’s Daily Talk- a citizen journalism project that uses chalk billboards to disseminate information to citizens. Future tours will include visits to the Accountability Lab’s Film School and Mahmud Johnson’s PeaceKernel-which aims to revitalize Liberia’s palm kernel oil industry.

Richard van Hoolwerff of SPARK- which founded BSC Monrovia- remarked on the launch: “Two trends are converging in Liberia. First, tourism is increasing rapidly as people come to realize the beauty and hospitality of the country. Second, social entrepreneurship is growing, as Liberians continue to find creative ways to overcome the challenges their country faces, build wealth and create jobs. Blair Glencorse, Executive Director of the Accountability Lab added: “These tours provide a unique insight into Liberia’s society and economy in an entirely new way. We are excited to help some of the brilliant people we work with showcase their ideas and show the progress being made in this country”.

The Social Impact Tours are being marketed through Liberia’s most prominent tourism company, Barefoot Liberia.