This presentation prepared by Accountability Lab gives a deeper understanding of how our Citizen Helpdesk program works.

Citizen Helpdesks are a pioneering citizen feedback, dialogue and community voice platform to ensure accountability in the development process. The Helpdesks collect critical information from hundreds of communities to solve daily problems for citizens and close the loop on challenges related to everything from service delivery, to human trafficking, to natural resource management and security issues.

Citizens and communities are rarely consulted about the decisions that affect their lives, particularly in hard-to-reach places. Where information is collected from them, the process is extractive, with very little feedback on how this data is used. Systemic corruption, opacity, discrimination or mismanagement by local governments and companies often prevents people from making their voices heard on issues they care about. Where trust in authority is low, rumors and misinformation can create negative feedback loops that further divide communities. CHDs help bridge these gaps. See below for more information.

Citizen Helpdesk Slide Deck 2019