”Clean Your Community”, by George N. Flomo, first place winner

“Stop Beating Your Partner”, by Emmanuel F. Yekeh Jr., second place winner

“Teacher Refusing Bribe”, by Tracy Lumeh, third place winner of the Accountability Art Class.

LiVArts And Accountability Lab Resume Art Classes

By: Robin Dopoe Jr, [email protected] Originally published in the Daily Observer.

Liberia Visual Arts Academy (LiVArts), in collaboration with the Accountability Lab, has finally resumed art classes in an effort to reassure its commitment to the development of youth art.

At the reopening of the art classes last weekend, Mr. Brooks Marmon, Program Director of Accountability Lab said, “The quest of youth turning their imagination into reality is a big change of attitude towards Liberia’s development plans.”

He added that the dream of Liberian youth breaking into mainstream international youth competition has been difficult because of the belief that their talents are of poor quality.

“But when you look at a few of our youth pining down their imaginations without the help of digital technology, you see that their talents are exceptional,” he said.

More than 15 students between the ages of 10 and 15 from the Kids Power Program were present during the reopening course. The accountability arts class creates a stage were students’ artistic skills can be expanded and improved.

Most recently, artworks created by students from the academy were featured in Imago Mundi, a contemporary art publication showcasing Liberian and Sierra Leonean youth art talents and titled: “Liberia and Sierra Leone: The Everyday Struggle”.

“We remains committed in promoting your natural talents by celebrating excellence and imagination of your work through publication and programs like these,” Mr. Brooks assured the students.

He said further “Accountability Lab has a rich record of nurturing the creative talents of determined students while turning their dreams into reality. Your drawings reflect accountability and show things that you see affecting you in the nation today.”

Mr. Brooks also said, “We hope that artworks by these children will have a direct impact on the society because they have depicted a few of the ills in Liberia.”

Meanwhile the Executive Director of LiVArts, Leslie Lumeh, said the talents of the students are unique and as future leaders they have a responsibility to develop their talents.

“Your determination to improve your arts shows a strong sense of ancestral and cultural identity,” he said. “Your passion for arts will definitely give birth to accountability and transparence among us all,” he added.

Mr. Lumeh also said that all forms of arts demonstrate and provoke discussion on critical issues including poverty, sustainable development, gender inequality, governance, and child labor, among others.

“LiVArts will remain committed in encouraging the development of your talents and hope you can continue this strength of mind,” he said.

The Accountability Art Class, held on the second Saturday of each month, is hosted at the academy’s facilities located on 15th Street & Payne Avenue.