14352198_1073192499443340_5967226135662766189_oBy: Robin Dopoe Jr. This article was originally published by the Daily Observer.


Following months of intense training, the Liberia Film Institute in collaboration with Accountability Lab has graduated three students from it Seven Cycle Class.

The three students were trained in technical film making skills with emphasis on issues like democracy, citizenship, and the importance of voting.

During the graduation ceremony, the students screened movies on issues that deal with voters moving from one location to another to register for money; and the importance of excising their democracy right through voting.

Though all the four student made films are less than four-minutes long, they offer a better solution to the problems of one doing registration outside of his or her constituency because of money and the notion held by many that voting in this coming election will not change anything in Liberia.

Meanwhile, each graduating student received a certificate of completion along with last year’s graduating class.

In a brief remarks after the films were screened, LFI Director Divine Anderson said out of the 20 students that enrolled early this year for the program only three made it through the struggle to reach this far.

Since the program is free, lots of extra efforts are required from students. Therefore, many of them cannot stand it and they have to drop out, he added.

Mr. Anderson said: “These students have met our criteria; therefore they deserved the graduation at this moment. We trust their abilities to continue impacting the society with their newfound skills to in many new ways.”

Making remarks, Liberia international actor Zubin Cooper said the films made by students are incredible and they offer lots of education to Liberians now and in the near future.

“In my opinion, these students are gradually being integrated into a new society that will focus on educating people through film and promoting the concepts of peace, accountability and honesty,” Mr. Cooper added.

The LFI offers regular, free accountability film school cycles for young Liberians interested in developing their film-making skills on different issue each year.

Photo credit: Chongyoon Aaron Nah