This week the Accountability Lab launched its first online crowdfunding campaign to raise $3,000 in 30 days to support the work of “Accountapreneur” Alfred Sirleaf. Alfred is a Liberian citizen journalist who understood the hunger for information in his country. In response, he devised an innovative solution: the “Daily Talk,” a large chalk-billboard at one of the capital’s busiest road intersections- through which he curates and displays the most relevant and important news stories in a way that all can understand. The “Daily Talk” has been internationally recognized in the New York Times and Al Jazeera but no one has ever taken the time to support the initiative further.

The goal of the Lab’s campaign is to provide Alfred with the resources necessary to repair the Daily Talk, replicate it at another key location, and expand the scope of the billboard’s content to include step-by-step instructions on how to navigate government services. With your support, the Daily Talk can empower 20,000 Liberians a day with access to the information they need to understand and engage with their government. Blair Glencorse, the Lab’s Executive Director, said: “Information is essential for Liberians to hold their government accountable- and the Daily Talk is engaging citizens in a truly creative ways around the information that matters to them. We are very excited to work with Alfred to expand his chalk billboards and provide civic education in a manner Liberians understand and appreciate. This will allow them to better understand their rights and responsibilities and hold people with power responsible.”

Watch Alfred’s video and donate to this cause at Indiegogo.