Over the years, G20 members have made some progress in efforts to build out their anti-corruption efforts. Our G20 Anti-Corruption Commitments Tracker was created with the inputs of many organizations to try and address challenges around G20 accountability (or the lack of it) by tracking commitments using an easy-to-understand tool. By tracking progress against commitments such as preventing bribery, money laundering as well as denying safe haven to corrupt officials, the tracker directly supports monitoring progress of SDG 16, which aims to reduce corruption, bribery, illicit financial flows as well as to strengthen the recovery and return of stolen assets and combat all forms of organized crime.

By bringing all the commitments together in one place, the tracker acts as a repository to centralize and organize information that is often buried in lengthy reports. The ratings are based on existing monitoring and evaluation reports published by well-recognized and valid sources, such as the OECD, UN agencies, and the FATF. Besides monitoring and evaluation, we hope the tool will motivate G20 member countries and foster learning.

Use the toggle search bars at the top to see which countries are already making progress, and where improvements can be made. It is designed to be open source, and a tool through which relevant stakeholders are able to provide and also validate available information. Get in touch ([email protected]) with your thoughts and ideas on how we can strengthen this tool for greater oversight and anti-corruption transparency.