Saturnino de Olivera is an economist and Researcher at the National Institute of Studies and Research (INEP). He is a founding member of the civic initiative “Bassora di Povu”, the civic movements, “CASE” and “guineendadi”. During his stay in the Kingdom of Morocco as a student of economic sciences and management, he was chairman of the advisory board of AGUIFREM-CENTRAL (Association of Guinean students in Morocco). He was an international observer of the municipal elections in Mozambique in 2018, and in 2019 in the general elections he coordinated the monitoring of compliance with the electoral code of conduct. He also participated in the YALI program – Southern African Regional Leadership Center, Mozambique-Maputo, in the formation of civic leadership. Through his incubator project called “Transparency in forest resource management” he wants to stimulate citizen control in the management of forest resources.