Rosalia Djedjo is an activist and a student. At the age of 16 she joined the program Citizen Path developed by the NGO ESSOR and ANADEC, an initiative aimed at orienting adolescents to responsible adolescence. She later joined the United Youth Association of Bairro Missira (AJUAM) at the National Confederation of Student Associations of Guinea-Bissau (CONAEGUIB);
In 2019, she was a mentor and coordinator of a social project called ”Social Insertion Project” which focuses on training young people in different areas of knowledge, providing them with tools to be active members of their communities, defenders and social and cultural event promoters. It involved many young people from the Section and Associação Onenoral dos Filhos e Amigos de Secção de Suzana (AOFASS), an organisation she works with and which she hopes to expand on as part of the incubator.