Pratik Kunwar is a social entrepreneur and development professional. He is currently the Managing Director at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Nepal. He is also a Global Shaper, a South Asia Connect participant (2018) and a Future Global Leaders program fellow (2018). Through the incubator, he plans to develop Shaasan, an initiative that makes actionable information accessible to the public, and their concerns immediately reachable to concerned political representatives. They do this by creating a decentralized cloud infrastructure with the oversight and analytics of a centralized civic data hub. A citizen can hold public officials accountable for their promises (e.g. more jobs), activities in their constituency (e.g. fixing roads, or report crime), and whether their suggestions (e.g. climate initiatives) are taken seriously or not, in real time. Through this, they promote ordinary citizens to become active shapers and collaborators of governmental policy at all levels of government, and as a public scorecard, they are increasing accountability and the responsiveness of governments to public concerns.