Nishant Khanal is engaged in economic research, public policy, regional trade and development economics in South Asia. He has experience working on regional integration, poverty alleviation, leadership development and fund-raising in South Asia. He is a cofounder of Alankar Innovations, a digital media and social innovation platform that works on disaster, media and citizen engagement. Through the incubator he plans to develop NDR, an open forum to review development discourse in Nepal. It will be an open knowledge platform aimed at offering a critique on development practice and discussions in the country. The development initiatives in Nepal will be discussed and  suggestions made to make the initiatives more effective and accountable. It will produce cross-thematic field narratives from experts and bring grassroots’ voices on, furthering the development wisdom in Nepal. NDR aims to monitor Federalism and Local Governance, Periodic country review on SDGs initiatives, Gender and Social Inclusion, Review of Nepal’s economic development initiatives etc.