Kagalula Dabrine Mathew (25) is from the Mityana District, a rural part of Uganda.  Growing up, Dabrine saw how rural Uganda lacked public service delivery compared to urban areas.  He is the founder and Chief Executive Director of Mercy for Youth and Women Empowerment (MYWE).  MYWE focuses on promoting women, girl and youth inclusion when it comes to monitoring service delivery.  The organization also seeks to strengthen participants’ overall resilience through assisting them in establishing income generation activities, including access to low interest loans as seed capital. Dabrine has also seen how corruption hampers service delivery, from government procurement of goods and services all the way through to implementation.  His idea for the incubator revolves around providing open contracting information around procurement.  This information will deepen community oversight related to procurement, and ensure accountability within the public sector.  In his view, all stakeholders should be able to track service delivery and be able to identify gaps in accountability.